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From state representative to Judiciary chairman


Jim Sensenbrenner’s Career Highlights

From state representative to Judiciary chairman

The following are important highlights that have defined Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s life and career in Congress.

1943: Born on June 14 in Chicago, Ill.

1965: Graduated from Stanford University with B.A. in Political Science

1968: Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with his doctorate in jurisprudence

1968: Elected Wisconsin state representative

1975: Elected Wisconsin state senator

1976: Became assistant minority leader in Wisconsin state senate

1977: Married Cheryl Warren

1978: First elected to Congress from the 5th District of Wisconsin

2001: Assumed chairmanship of House Judiciary Committee

2004: Received the CPAC Defender of the Constitution Award

2005: Led efforts to save Terri Schiavo from court-ordered death by starvation and dehydration

2006: Led House Republicans in fight against President Bush’s guest-worker/amnesty plan

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