Blowing Cool Air at Global Warming

Does hot air about climate change spewed in the U.S. Senate contribute to global warming? No one really knows for sure, since Al Gore didn’t address that question in “An Inconvenient Truth.”

But we’ll probably find out in January, when, thanks to the Democrats’ capture of Congress, Sen. Barbara Boxer takes the wheel of the Environment and Public Works Committee from Republican Sen. James Inhofe and makes a liberal U-turn.

As Boxer showed Wednesday morning during Inhofe’s hearing on “Climate Change and the Media,” the California Democrat and Inhofe are polar opposites on global warming.

Boxer is a 10-alarm believer in human-caused climate change. She thinks global warming is the challenge of our generation and can’t wait to start holding hearings and passing laws to tax carbon and torture the evil energy companies.

Inhofe, the current chairman, still holds the quaint, old-fashioned conservative belief that government policy — especially when addressing huge issues like global climate change — should be based on nonpoliticized science and should take into account economic costs.

As the Senate’s chief GW skeptic, he is the archenemy of the global worrying crowd and their evergreen allies in mainstream media, who he charges have misled the public with their “nonstop hyping of ‘extreme scenarios’ and dire climate predictions.”

Inhofe also has dared to utter — on the sacred Senate floor! — the politically heretical truth that “catastrophic global warming is a hoax.” (The key word “catastrophic” is usually dropped when his enemies quote him.)

Streamed live on the Internet and featuring scientists on both sides of the global warming debate, Inhofe’s hearing was an under-attended, underreported dud.

Incoming chairwoman Boxer, already feeling her oats, pontificated about the importance of a free press, befuddled witnesses with dumb questions and presented evidence she said proved the media are fair and balanced on global warming coverage.

Apparently, Boxer, who touts herself as a former journalist, is the only liberal in America who doesn’t religiously read The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washington Post or Time magazine.

Because each of those “Four Flagships of the Global Warming Apocalypse” — as well as the major networks and even The Weather Channel — regularly commits what star skeptical witness and Australian paleoclimate researcher Bob Carter said is the media’s main sin: the failure to fairly transmit the reality — i.e., all the facts and the scientific uncertainty — of global climate change to the public.

Amazingly, Boxer wasn’t the most airheaded or most arrogant senator at Inhofe’s hearing. That prize went to New Jersey Democrat Frank Lautenberg, who is equally concerned about his grandchildren’s lives and the polar bears, which he has been mislead to believe by Time magazine have been reduced to “ragged herds searching for food.”

Inhofe called his hearing to show how media bias and unbalanced or simplistic reporting could mislead the public and cause Congress to make “poorly conceived” policy decisions on global warming.

Grandma Boxer’s and Grandpa Lautenberg’s public blatherings unwittingly proved Inhofe’s point. It looks like there’s going to be a lot of scientific silliness in the Senate for the next two years when Boxer and her crew get to be in charge of saving the Earth.


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