Bolton's Departure Leaves Security Gap

The resignation of John Bolton as our nation’s United Nations Ambassador leaves a significant hole in our nation’s national security efforts and our war on Islamic terrorism.

Bolton’s resignation is the result of two key factors: Liberal Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee’s (R.I.) stonewalling of Bolton’s confirmation in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for more than a year; and the devastating loss of the Senate to liberal zealots on November 7. Sen. Joseph Biden (D.-Del.) takes over as chairman of the foreign relations committee in January from Sen. Richard Lugar (R.-Ind.). Biden has stated that he can see no point in considering Bolton’s nomination again.

Fortunately, Chafee is gone, but this provides conservatives with little consolation in the face of the loss of John Bolton from the United Nations.

John Bolton was hated by liberals because he refused to kowtow to the UN’s anti-American leadership, and he wanted to protect American interests at the United Nations. He was aggressively seeking to reform this corrupt international body. Bolton, for example, was trying to keep nations that abuse human rights from serving on the UN’s Human Rights Council.

Bolton was also insisting on great accountability at the UN over how money is spent on various international projects. The United States pays 22% of the total UN budget, so he rightly reasoned that we should have a say in how that money is spent.

Bolton has been a strong defender of Israel against Islamic extremism! He led a veto effort against the UN vote in July 2006 that condemned Israel for its attack against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Islamic extremists must be exulting at hearing of Bolton’s resignation.

We can depend on Biden and his leftwing cronies on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to block any strong conservative for the UN Ambassadorship. What liberals want is a person who is an internationalist and who will work in lockstep with UN’s globalist efforts to undermine national sovereignty. Liberals want a Neville Chamberlain-type character or a Mr. Rogers rather than someone like Bolton who is strong and protective of American interests.

The tragedy of Bolton’s resignation may not be felt immediately, but his loss is America’s loss—and a blow to our safety. Having a compromising, weak globalist in this important UN post will do untold damage to our nation for years to come.

It is my hope that President Bush will nominate a strong conservative to serve in this post—and that if Biden and his liberal allies block a fair up or down vote in the Senate, that President Bush will use a recess appointment to put his man in that post.

Soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) could easily direct Biden’s committee to vote yes on Bolton and let the full Senate vote on him. Reid, however, has indicated that he doesn’t want John Bolton as UN ambassador—even though Bolton’s adversaries consider him to be a formidable defender of American interests. So, who does Reid want?

The UN needs a junk yard dog—a man or woman of strong character–to hold its corrupt leadership accountable. A Mr. Rogers character just won’t get the job done. The dozens of tyrants who are represented at the UN and the bumbling leaders like Secretary General Kofi Annan don’t understand “nice.” What they do understand, however, is the exercise of strong determined leadership and force.

Let us pray that President Bush does not waver, and that he is fully determined to place his man in this post—not someone that Kofi Annan, Joseph Biden or John Kerry will approve.