Why Do Liberals Hate the U.S. Military?

The U.S. Army has opened up a recruiting office smack-dab in the middle of the sleepy liberal college town of Chapel Hill, home of the University of North Carolina. While in any other town this event would be no cause for statewide news, Chapel Hill liberals reacted as if the last Communist regime on the globe was crumbling.

About 50 students congregated in front of the recruiting center to protest. Most were members of UNC’s Students for Democracy (socialism/communism) club along with several hippies masquerading as 17-year-olds in bodies that are 50-year-old or older. The students and overgrown children picketed in front of the office. “Recruiters lie, kids die,” was a favorite and original slogan. At the same time, like clockwork, these protestors professed that their actions were in no way a sign of disrespect for soldiers.

The president of Students for Democracy told the Independent Weekly, a local newsweekly devoted to the “gender-ambiguous public bathrooms movement,” among other fringe-left causes, “While there is currently no draft going on like there was in Vietnam, there is a race and poverty draft in this country.” Surprisingly (or not), this was said by a wealthy, white liberal. The Independent predictably portrayed veterans who were counter-protesting and calling Students for Democracy “anti-American” as right-wing political hacks. The left would be hysterical if they weren’t so predictable.

Dennis Rogers, a columnist for the News & Observer, recently wrote in a column that these childish protestors were criticizing the very people who protect their rights to criticize. Rogers further stated that the U.S. military was responsible for his college diploma. Rogers reinforced what a retired colonel once told me, “The military is the best social welfare program ever created.” The military provides low-income blacks and whites a ticket to higher education and the upper-middle class.

What these protestors fail to realize is that the disproportionate ratio of low-income enlistees stem from the failure of liberal social policy. The public schools and welfare programs have failed to provide for those in poverty and those with limited access to social mobility. The military always has and always will provide young men and women who would otherwise make no progress on the social ladder a chance to do so.

Meanwhile, we have white, liberal trust-fund babies screaming at military recruiters while still claiming support for the troops. I defy anyone to find a protestor who does not believe every word John Kerry said when testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971. “We think they’re a bunch of racist, mutilating rapists, but we support the troops.” Bull.

Yet, these are the very same people livid at President Bush (not the sacrosanct U.N.) for dropping the ball on Darfur. Forget the fact that Sudan as refused help repeatedly; it’s still Bush’s fault. But wouldn’t action constitute a pre-emptive “invasion of a peaceful, non-threatening country?” I, for one, am sick of rich liberals believing they can offend anyone they please, and still demand action when they say jump. Don’t dare say abortion or welfare is wrong though. That would just be plain sexist, hateful and crass. These may be visionaries, but I’ll be damned if these people lift a finger to go fight in one of their humanitarian crises on whose behalf their activism will earn them martyrdom in the mainstream media.

Loony liberals love to complain and volunteer U.S. aid to their pet causes, but when it comes down to what they’re willing to sacrifice, the best they can do is a U2 benefit concert, followed by an opinion piece about how much they think America sucks. I say shut up and eat your tofu. A shower wouldn’t hurt either.