The America-Haters Among Us

A group located here in America just announced its condemnation of the verdict finding Saddam Hussein guilty. The rationale given was that the trial wasn’t conducted fairly. Whatever. No, it was not a Sunni Muslim group, rather an American “human rights” organization that for months has demanded criminal sentences for those who placed underwear atop a terrorist’s head at Abu Graib. The oh-so “sensitive” Human Rights Watch seems able to abide Saddam’s human meat grinders, rape squads, torture of tens of thousands and his murder of thousands. It doesn’t get upset by the big things such as shooting children in front of parents, only the small things such as day-old panties. How is this possible?
The Center for Constitutional Rights, another pseudo human rights group, is in the forefront of bringing “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” indictments, via a German tribunal, against Donald Rumsfeld and other U.S. officials .Their crimes: “spying” on calls from terrorists to sleeper cells and allowing conditions at the world’s terrorist prison, Gitmo, to reach a point where terrorist inmates complain of discomfort. Yet silence from this moralizing organization regarding the many Islamic groups beheading us, torturing Westerners, starving and enslaving African Christians and vaginal mutilation against millions of little girls. It seems so inconsistent.
It should be obvious by now that human rights is not the conviction, the animating core, of these groups. They are motivated by a desire to make America look bad, to tarnish the image of America. Anything will do: panties, Korans left outside, conditions too hot or too cold. They care little of the colossal, monstrous brutalities lustily meted out by America’s enemies. Their goal, and wish, is to make America look bad, and will capitalize on the most trivial items as a way to do it. They’ve been quite successful because we, the American people and many all over the West, have accepted their charges as having import, as things to actually consider.
Simply because groups with “noble” sounding names make a charge does not make the charge one of merit. Anyone can raise an argument. Not all arguments are valid, nor do they have to be answered or even addressed, especially when making something from nothing. Placing panties on the head of your minister while he is in the middle of giving his sermon is something, but placing underwear on top of a terrorist in the middle of war is nothing. Context matters.
Those who equate our handling of terrorists as almost akin to what the terrorists are doing, or what Saddam did, are moral relativists. One need not, nor should one be answerable to, a moral relativist, since he is a fool who, for example, finds in Donald Rumsfeld someone no different than Saddam or Hitler. Their assertions should be belittled as childish, a hysteria irrelevant to necessary political and moral discourse. Those who ignore daily beheadings and waste the vital time and resources this nation needs to defend our children and society from suicide bombs and nuclear suitcases are a menace to be ridiculed.
They pride themselves on being morally superior to us by being overwrought by the “humiliations” and “insensitivity” to terrorists that we, the common man, ignore. In fact, it is they who are morally inferior, given their lack of heartache over what grieves normal people—the actual torture of our soldiers, the real beheadings, the tearing of Israelis limb by limb, and the burning and dragging of American, British, and  Israeli half-dead. Their silence shows their amorality; their selectivity proves their concern is not with human dignity but tarnishing their country’s image.
Why do they act this way? Because they have become anti-American. So deep is their dislike of their own country that they even blame the worldwide Islamic terrorism on America, despite that in many places where it is happening there is no American presence and that barbaric Islamic blood shedding , love of the sword, began centuries before the birth of Benjamin Franklin.
Inasmuch as most Americans are grateful to this country and therefore love it, it is difficult for them to accept that there are those in this country who dislike our nation and have been raised to feel superior and deeply suspicious of it—particularly of white, Christian America. Unfortunately, many good-willed Americans ascribe to the members of these left wing groups a concern for human rights, albeit a misguided or overly zealous one.
But most Americans think that way because they are normal, unaware that there are many highly talented and educated people living here who possess a psychological aberration that makes them dislike this country, and even root for its enemies. Strange as it may seem, many hard-core liberals do not identify as Americans—they simply live here. They consider themselves cosmopolitan, embarrassed to be connected to mainstream America.
They relish reviling and soiling to the world the United States. They will select any triviality and blow it up, and many among us have been stupid enough to give them credence. Worse, because many Americans have become so unsure of whom we are, so guilt-ridden, and ever pliant to any criticism as a sign of being good, they’ve allowed these groups to seriously threaten our survival.
These organizations criticize America not because they expect from her higher standards than we do. Their demands are irresponsible, inconsistent, indeed dangerous. In fact, not standards at all. From America, they demand everything; from our enemies, nothing. They demand purity from America they do not require of their own organizations, as evidenced by their own inconsistent, selective outrages tailored to suit their agenda only.
Moreover, their constant, daily, attacks against virtually anything America, or Israel, does to protect herself are indicative of people not interested in building up but tearing down. From those we love, we temper periodic criticism with abundant love and understanding. When was the last time these anointed found it in their hearts to forgive America?
By and large, the leaders of these groups are the most ungrateful, and judgmental of their countrymen, that America has ever seen. They are spoiled. We coddled them. We have given them a respect they do not deserve. No matter the situation or how insignificant the event, they will blame and find fault with America—because that is what they are all about. They are the anti-Americans among us. They are America’s national cancer.


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