Iran's Ahmadinejad Isn't Going Away

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Better get used to it America. Yes, we had better learn to pronounce it and to spell it because apparently he is attempting to be our new leader, and we are doing very little to stop him and his demonic intentions. Earlier this week the guy we all thought was simply the dictator of Iran, masquerading as a president, decided he should skip across a few borders and become our chief executive as well.

Taking full advantage of what he sees as uncertainty, weakness and a new day of Democratic control along with Republican disarray in our national House and Senate, little Mahmoud has decided that he will once again thumb his nose at our presidency, and at George W. Bush in particular, by trying to grab our attention and sympathy in an appeal directly to the American populace.

“We will issue a message to the American people … many Americans have asked me to talk them and offer my opinions to them. This message is being drawn up.”

“Many Americans.” Strange I haven’t heard the drumbeat or the roar of the crowd on this one. Have you? Frankly, I don’t want to hear anymore of this miserable little dictator’s opinions. It is clear from his vitriolic statements to date and especially since he was “elected” about a year ago, literally by forbidding most other candidates to run, forcing women to stay home behind a veil of silence and obedience, utilizing the state police apparatus to intimidate voters and by controlling the ballot boxes, that this man and his cohorts are untrustworthy at best and evil in any context.

Ahmadinejad now claims that Iran will be a full nuclear nation by the time the Iranian calendar ends for this year, March 20, 2007.

“Initially they (meaning the United States and our allies) were very angry. The reason was clear: They basically wanted to monopolize nuclear power in order to rule the world and impose their will on nations,” Ahmadinejad said, as if he does not realize that his words suggest that it is he who wants and fully intends to “rule” the world.

Like a dog attempting to force his master to take him on a walk by dropping his leash upon the owner’s foot, the Iranian president acts as if America has already agreed and accepted Iran’s nuclear agenda:

“Today,” he is quoted as saying, Americans “have finally agreed to live with a nuclear Iran. With an Iran possessing (the whole) nuclear fuel cycle.”

America has agreed to no such thing. Indeed, President Bush has said exactly the opposite on many occasions: “Iran should not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons nor the ability to make them.”

But words alone will not do the trick and because we have not acted decisively, Bush has left open the door for Iran to push through. And that is exactly what Ahmadinejad is doing.

Iran claims that its program of nuclear development is for peaceful purposes only and will help usher in a modern age for its country. If that were so, of course, it would be very nice. However, the questions remain: If the program is to be for peaceful uses only, why did the Iranians shroud so much of their work in secrecy these many years and do everything they could to hide their program from the International nuclear regulatory groups? Why do they continue to refuse international inspectors access to their program even now? And now, there is evidence that the IEA has indeed found plutonium and enriched uranium in the nuclear waste from one of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

More to the point, why should we not take at face value the Iranian dictator’s words that the holocaust never happened and that Israel has no right to exist and should be exterminated? Yet he says his nuclear program will be only for peaceful purposes.

Well, I for one don’t trust this nasty fellow an inch and neither should the American public. It is indeed time for us to rein him in. This will not be accomplished by endless words, endless debates, or discussions about the severity or lack there of concerning “sanctions.” In my view, we are well beyond the point of sanctioning Iran.

The question is simply this: Should we allow Iran to join the nuclear nations of the world? The answer based on it “leadership” should be an obvious and immediate “no!”

The Iranian nuclear question is not a big complex issue as so many nations and individuals have attempted to make it. Really, the issue is very simple: Should that nation with its inability to control its dictator from both itself and from his threatening of other nations, including our own, be allowed to posses the ingredients and the manufacturing ability to make lethally destructive weapons of mass destruction? Should that nation with an immediate history of sponsoring international terrorism be allowed to be anywhere near weapons that can wipe out all of the earth?

Bush has a perfect opportunity now to retard and delay a nuclear Iran. We certainly have the weapons and the delivery systems to make strategic non-nuclear, but nevertheless fully destructive, strikes at the nuclear sites inside of Iran right now. Bush has nothing to lose. His popularity is already very low now and his influence over the last two years of his incumbency appears also to be minimal. Why not, then, do the right thing for all of the people on the planet who want to live life rather than to risk having it destroyed by the fanatical raving dictator of Iran?

Sure, we’ll face international criticism and we’ll have plenty of detractors at home as well, no doubt. But as one former American secretary of Defense, my father, Caspar Weinberger, has said, “History will always vindicate those on the side of freedom.” I cannot say that he would advocate what I suggest. But what I do know is that we owe it to our children, we owe it to the world, we owe it to whatever force created us as the only true super power in the world to stand up and be the “Daddy” of Iran. It is most definitely time to deliver a strong spanking to “President” Ahmadinejad right now.