Republican Losses in House

In final counts through November 9, 20 incumbent Republican U.S. representatives had lost their bids for re-election in last week’s midterm elections. Democrats also won in eight districts in which Republican incumbents either retired or resigned.

The 28 lost GOP seats are shown in the chart. No incumbent Democratic House member was defeated anywhere and Republicans failed to win any House seat relinquished by a Democrat.

In seven U.S. House districts, the candidates are within one percentage point of each other and these races are thus subject to recount: Here are the Republican candidates involved: Representatives Rob Simmons (CT-2), Heather Wilson (NM-1), Robin Hayes (NC-8), Jean Schmidt (OH-2), Dave Reichert (WA-8), and Barbara Cubin (WY-AL) and Democratic Rep. John Barlow (GA-12). In all districts except those of Simmons and Barlow, the Republican candidate is ahead.

Incumbents Resigned/Retired
Charles Bass (NH-2) Bob Beauprez (CO-7)
Jeb Bradley (NH-1) Sherwood Boehlert (NY-24)
Chris Chocola (IN-2) Tom DeLay (TX-22)
Michael Fitzpatrick (PA-6) Mark Foley (FL-16)
Gil Gutknecht (MN-1) Mark Green (WI-8)
Melissa Hart (PA-4) Jim Kolbe (AZ-8)
J. D. Hayworth (AZ-5) Bob Ney (OH-18)
John Hostettler (IN-8) Jim Nussle (IA-1)
Nancy Johnson (CT-5)
Sue Kelly (NY-19)
Jim Leach (IA-2)
Anne Northup (NY-3)
Richard Pombo (CA-11)
Jim Ryun (KA-2)
Clay Shaw (FL-22)
Don Sherwood (PA-10)
Mike Sodrel (IN-9)
John Sweeney (NY-20)
Charles Taylor (NC-11)
Curt Weldon (PA-7)