Why Americans Won't Change Horses in Midstream

A Hollywood producer—that rare bird who is actually a Republican and reads HUMAN EVENTS—confided to me after reading my piece, “Let’s Make History (Again) on November 7”: “It’s hard not to be pessimistic.”

I know. A repeat of Nov. 7, 2000, when it took weeks to find out the results of the election is cause for pessimism.

More seriously, he was, of course, referring to the predicted Republican blowout this November 7—the seventh year of the new millennium. So, I rattled off for him the solace of all challenged challengers: The only poll that counts is the election. But, I grant him—the way the media is talking is cause for pessimism.

So, here’s an idea. Why not declare now: Well done, media and liberal Democrats—good and faithful servants of America’s enemies. (The BBC’s Katty Kay says America-hating foreigners will punish us if we re-elect Republicans; and the Iraqi insurgents, themselves, are on record wanting the Democrats to win.) You’ve successfully managed to undercut the war effort and our troops and to destroy our President’s credibility and to hang this millstone around the neck of every Republican candidate. We admit it. Given your successful efforts, Democrats are poised for a Tsunami-like election victory on Tuesday. So, we’ve decided to call this election-by-polls—on Monday, November 6. This way Democrats can get a head start on measuring those drapes.

There’s only one problem with drawing the drapes on the election so hastily. The polls do seem to be tightening. What’s more—just as the polls are tightening comes news of an Iraqi court finding Saddam Hussein guilty of crimes against humanity and sentencing him to hang—which, the liberal media emphasized, was “just in time for the elections.” (Yes, the prayers are working.)

Americans are now reminded what an absolute monster Saddam was. Consider just one horrific tale: A 20-something woman—an educated, polished Kurd—told me in 2002 that Saddam had buried her aunt alive!!! Such stories, amplified and repeated over and over, on top of the chemical weapons he used against the Kurds and Iranians, paint the picture of an absolute reign of terror.

Thus, as Americans go to the polls, reminded clear as a bell why they can be proud of President Bush’s decisive courage and our military’s heroic bravery in deposing this bloody dictator—it’s a sure bet many will find it in their heads and hearts to vote Republican, in spite of telling pollsters a different tale just days or weeks before.

To help Americans connect the dots, helpfully Fox News Channel this weekend aired “Obsession,” an eye-opening documentary graphically illustrating that Jihad—in which radical Islamicists are joined together in a worldwide movement with the sole intent of killing us—is alive and well.

Given this reality—making Iraq "the central front" in the global war on terrorism, as President Bush explains is his strategy, does make perfect sense, doesn’t it. Rather than a breeding ground for terrorists (though admittedly, like a vaccine, it seems fighting the terrorist infection means initially counter-intuitively more infection) Iraq is a terrorist magnet, where the allies are fighting terrorists in a more contained geographic area, far from the homeland.

Of course, this scenario is somewhat theoretical, and, therefore a gamble—making trust the most necessary ingredient enabling President Bush to fight the war against global terrorism on our behalf. But, the media and liberal Democrats have helpfully (i.e., for our enemies) destroyed any chance he has at trust—at least for now.

Let’s look at the Democrat theory: The war is going badly and therefore we must pull out our troops. Furthermore, those newly-minted terrorists that Bush created by his allegedly "reckless" war are headed our way and, should the electoral tide turn, Democrats will stand on the next rubble pile (God-forbid) with a bullhorn and vow to come to our rescue—"whatever it takes.”

Ponder this for a moment—Democrats playing the starring role in the fight against terrorism—and, you may discover a clue to one essential ingredient underlying this election.

Hollywood and Washington, after all, aren’t all that different.

But, this November 7, given the stakes, Americans, I predict, will reject changing horses in midstream—allowing President Bush to continue guiding the fight against the terrorist threat that so chillingly metastasized on September 11.