John Kerry Is a Republican Mole

Well, there is no denying it now. I thought we might be able to hold the truth amongst ourselves for just a bit longer, but now we all know: Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) is a Republican mole in Democratic clothing! Thanks, Senator; all Republicans owe you a great debt of gratitude. Gratitude for firing up the Republican base just days before the mid-term elections.

For a while we all just wondered where the wave might come from that would put the Republicans back on the political map for this campaign in which it has appeared for so long that we have been so badly hurt. Perhaps, many of us thought, Osama bin Laden would suddenly be captured and brought here for trial. We waited for a miracle and on Monday it came in California, of course, home of our greatest Republican in modern times, the late great President Ronald Reagan.

Yes, there was John Kerry putting his foot as far down his mouth as any circus contortionist has ever dared to do. Did you notice the beautiful looking young lady behind him on the platform, representing one of several apparently Democratic youth? Look at her lovely smile and her sunny optimism turn to bewilderment as ole John shoves it to the American military once again. It certainly looks as if even she couldn’t stand to be there another moment.

Yep, our greatest mole once again slammed our armed forces as he did in 2001 with his now infamous Genghis Khan reference and then again last year calling the soldiers combatants against innocent men and women in Iraq. Now, of course, he has gone further and called anyone who serves his country to be a country bumpkin…stupid in a word. He calls it a “botched joke”. What would have been the correct joke? No, John Kerry is the joke and we Republicans must let out a hearty laugh at his fundamental stupidity and react with joy at the gift he has given us so late in the campaign.

How do I know the senator is a Republican mole? Well, of course, I don’t for a certainty. However, once in Logan Airport he had the decency to carry an old man’s luggage when he saw the man struggling down a Delta Airlines corridor. That old man was my father, the Honorable Caspar W. Weinberger, Reagan’s Defense secretary, long since retired by then, and Dad needed help, no doubt. He was always a man who wanted to pull his own weight. Kerry, I suppose, means well, yet his own words betray him, and as a major political figure, he should by now know a lot better than to say what he said in public and on the record.

But the truth is in this country you love, honor and respect the military or you don’t. Ronald Reagan loved the military and so did my father. They knew how important our brave young man and women are to preserving and protecting and defending this great country.

My father’s last book before his death at age 88 this past spring is titled “Home of the Brave” (Forge Press). Co-written with a great young freedom writer, Wynton Hall, “Home of The Brave” tells the story of 17 of our strongest soldiers, both men and women and the sacrifices and heroism they displayed in individual actions in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The book starts with a quote from President George H.W. Bush, which gives us the title. The elder Bush said, “America would not be the land of the free if it were not also the home of the brave.”

The American public knows immediately if you care for America and have a solid patriotism and love for the military. When you don’t, your words, no matters how unconscious or how “botched” give you away. They gave away President Bill Clinton years ago and they give away John Kerry once again today.

All we Republicans can do is thank this obvious mole for this service to the nation because his words have certainly made clear that you either know the light of the sun and the stars and salute the amazing work of our troops from the lowest ranked enlisted man to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs in keeping this country strong and free and helping out the rest of the world that cries out to be free, or you just see the glass half empty and demand change by casting nothing but aspersions at those who protect even the houses of Clinton and Kerry themselves while they spit their vicious words about how stupid our troops are and how we are the moral wrong-doers.

When I spoke at the publisher’s party for my father’s book in May in New York, I mentioned the quote he had used from one of the great Afghanistan war heroes highlighted in his book, U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant William C. Markham. When asked how he feels when he hears critics of the War on Terror and those who oppose the sacrifices being made by America’s armed forces, Sgt. Markham says he feels no spite, quite the contrary: “I do what I do to keep this country free. So when I hear that kind of thing, it honestly makes me glad, because it means those individuals have the freedom to think and say what they wish.”

Thanks again, Sen. Kerry, for saying what you wished, even though you afterward you tried to protest too much like Lady Macbeth, because now it has made every thinking American realize the bankruptcy of you and the party you purport to represent.