Your Apology Is Not Accepted, Mr. Kerry

How “smart!” An evasive, half-hearted apology on a website. How brave! How very un-soldier-like.

Apologies aside, Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) has been “outed.” In the world of John Kerry and other leading liberal Democrats in the Northeast, the military is for those who are not smart. After all, smart people become lawyers, investment bankers, journalists or professors. That there are Americans both smart and patriotic who wish to serve their country via the military is something alien to those whose life is devoted to service of self and personal ambition.

That among the regular citizens there are people who use their brains to defend the country is incomprehensible to those who see brain-power application only for dissent and agitation against American society.

Kerry’s statement reflects much more than what he and elitist liberals today believe about the military. It expresses their overall view of Southerners, religious people, Midwesterners, and those from modest families here in the East most likely to volunteer for military service.

This is no longer your father’s Democrat Party. While much of the rank-and-file of the party remain union members and those who keep a family tradition of voting Democrat, the leaders who now set the tone of the party are hard-core, affluent leftists. These leftists are not your old-fashioned by-gone Communists from the poor, teeming neighborhoods of urban America. These are immensely wealthy egoists intent on controlling and social-engineering our society.

The elitists dwelling on the coasts who ridicule the military are convinced they are brainier than the average American, and long ago pledged their allegiance to transnationalism over Americanism. There is no war they would support if its purpose solely benefited America. Only wars of transnational concern or those for the rights of politically correct groups are, for them, justifiable. Battling for the globe is noble, not, however, for America.

What else can one expect from those whose self-hood and fraternity are linked not with Columbus and Lansing but Paris, Geneva and Stockholm? After all, these are the people who care more about terrorist rights and the Hague than the safety of Americans on Main Street, U.S.A.

The Kerrys, Clintons, Deans, Kennedys, Soros’ and Peter Lewis’ share none of the social values with ordinary Democrats. In fact, most of the elitists leading the Democrat Party today do not in their daily life have anything in common with those still voting for them — they don’t frequent regular eating establishments, their children attend toney private schools, and they would be horrified if their daughter married the son of a machinist in Pontiac, Mich.

They “loathe” the military because they, themselves, can’t do what the soldier does. They lack the soldier’s courage. They are uneasy about that which is brought about through brawn. They lack the grace of one able to acknowledge traits found in others, not found in themselves. These are courageous-less people who are incapable of bucking the latest fashion, trend, and the approval of European “sophisticates.” For them, courage and being “smart” means valuing and understanding the positions of America’s enemies more than the beliefs of our own country.

We’ve come a long way since military service was admired by all. It was valued so back in World War II because, then, everyone had a family member in uniform. Today’s better-than-thou-liberal rarely has a child or brother or cousin or friend in our voluntary army. Knowing no one in it, they no longer identify with it. “Our people” don’t go into the Army. For them, soldiers are simply statistics and not real flesh and blood. In their cocooned life, none of them live with the anguish and heart-pounding fear of those answering the door wondering if the messengers have come announcing the battlefield death of the person who is their life.

They disdain the military, also, because military victory works against their aspiration of themselves deciding our country’s fate through their vocations: “negotiation” and “understanding.” They despise the military since it replaces our need for them.

Why do liberals seem to have so little gratitude or sense of indebtedness to those who serve in the military, to those who defend our freedom? Obviously, feeling so superior to the rest of us, there is no place in their heart for gratitude for those they view as beneath them. They are snobs — so far removed from what American people are.

No, it’s not about the Iraq war. It’s not even about apology. It’s about your liberal elitists, stupid! And that’s why we cannot vote for you and the Democrat Party wherein you reside.