Top 10 States With the Best Business Tax Climates for Fiscal Year 2007

Every year the Tax Foundation publishes its “State Business Tax Climate Index,” which, according to foundation, “ranks how ‘business friendly’ the 50 state tax systems are, providing a roadmap for state lawmakers concerned with keeping their states tax competitive. . . . Keeping a state competitive in today’s global market can be difficult, but there is one factor lawmakers have direct control over: the quality of state tax systems. The index measures how well a state’s tax system encourages investment by maintaining a broad tax base and low rates.” Last week, we published the 10 states with the worst business tax climates. Below are the 10 states that came in at the top of the Tax Foundation’s index, along with their FY 2006 ranking.

10. Oregon
FY 2006 Rank: 10

9. Delaware
FY 2006 Rank: 9

8. Montana
FY 2006 Rank: 8

7. New Hampshire
FY 2006 Rank: 6

6. Texas
FY 2006 Rank: 7

5. Florida
FY 2006 Rank: 5

4. Nevada
FY 2006 Rank: 4

3. Alaska
FY 2006 Rank: 3

2. South Dakota
FY 2006 Rank: 2

1. Wyoming
FY 2006 Rank: 1