'Soulless' Kerry Lacks Honor, Patriotism

As a member of what John Kerry called in 1971 an Army like that of “Genghis Khan,” I wasn’t surprised by his comments that our troops in Iraq were those “stuck there” because of bad educational performance.

It is a fitting sequel to his claims, as recently as last spring, that our soldiers “were terrorizing women and children” in the dead of night, and as long ago as his many statements in the early 1970s that we were murderers and rapists.

How can one expect any understanding of duty, honor or country out of a person so soulless as to repeatedly switch sides on his comrades—out of a person who seeks to win an election while losing a war by falsely claiming our soldiers are academic failures robotically committing war crimes?

Kerry—refusing today to apologize, as in 1971 and 2004—has stated this was just a misfired joke. But it was not a joke to the Pennsylvania mother with two sons in the Marines in Iraq (who both volunteered with MBAs and far higher grades than C-student Kerry) who just called me crying. Nor was it a joke to millions of us who listened to our maimed and dead friends described by Kerry in 1971 as an army of rapists and murderers.

To a self-consumed creature like John Kerry, who has providentially married two of the wealthiest women in the world, even love is too hard an emotion to understand—much less loyalty, honor, patriotism and the other virtues that cause brave souls to dare all and to risk all, including their lives, for their friends and their nation.

More tragic for our nation than Kerry’s slurs are the failure of the Democratic Party to condemn his words. This was once the party of Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt. It is now the party of unapologetic self-consumed hedonism.

Winston Churchill spoke long ago in the 1930s of the time of “locusts” who consumed honor and patriotism, leaving England undefended. John Kerry is truly one of those locusts in a party of locusts consuming the honor and sacrifice of better men to seek political victory while leaving our nation grievously exposed.