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Congress continues to spend money at high speed


Egregious Earmark of the Week: $750,000 for High-Speed Internet in Vt.

Congress continues to spend money at high speed

Another pork project has been spotted in the Transportation-Treasury-HUD appropriations bill (H.R. 3058) for fiscal year 2006.

The bill allots $750,000 to the Vermont Broadband Council of Waterbury, Vermont for high speed broadband deployment. Rep. Jeff Flake (R.-Ariz.) has decided to label the project this week’s egregious earmark.

"Congress doesn’t have any trouble spending money at high speed," said Flake.

The bill passed through the House, 392-31, on November 18, and then through the Senate the same day by unanimous consent. On November 30, President Bush signed the bill into law.

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Mr. Flake represents the 6th District of Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives. He serves on the Committee on the Judiciary, the Committee on International Relations and the Committee on Resources.

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