Democrats Will Lose Because They Offer No Hope

Perhaps convinced that their sanctimonious tongue-clucking over the Mark Foley scandal would keep us Christian rubes from voting at all, Democrats began writing off our votes weeks ago. I get the sense that they picture us sitting in our rocking chairs, spittoon nearby, shotgun across our lap, whittling-stick at the ready, muttering to each other, “If them Republicans are gonna allow ho-mo-sexuals into that there party of theirs, I ain’t never votin’ fer ’em agin!”

The radicals at the heart of the Democratic Party actually think we will stay home while they are elected to lead our country. From the ominous specter of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s ruling mandating marital rights for homosexuals, religious conservatives are waking from their lethargy and realizing that Democrats are not who we want making the crucial decisions for our lives. However, they really believe we are too stupid to realize they will not keep us safer, tax us less, restore order to our society and renew our common commitment to life, liberty and traditional values.

President Bush held a press conference the other day, wherein he said that Democrats who talk of taking control of Congress are picking out drapes for their new offices while dancing in the end zone, or something like that. Tortured mixed metaphors aside, he has a point.

My prediction: when the dust settles, Democrats will have picked up no more than seven seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. They need fifteen to take control.

As for the Senate, I believe that in some of the most contested races in the country, Republicans could hold five out of six incumbencies (Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia), while picking up two seats currently held by Democrats, one in a traditionally liberal stronghold (New Jersey) and one in a swing state (Minnesota).

We can split hairs for days on which races are the most hotly contested and why they are that way and what it all means. But the fact is that Republicans are not going to lose control of either the House or Senate. They won’t lose either for the same reason they won control of both houses ten years ago.

The Democrats offer no hope. It’s that simple. The belief system of the Democratic Party is predicated on the assumption that there is no hope.

There is no hope that the poor and aged will ever be able to live financially independent of government aid.

There is no hope that we can still create a lasting peaceful democracy in Iraq.

There is no hope that we can guard our borders and remain the beacon of light on the hill.

There is no hope that women can survive having an unwanted child, even if that child could find love elsewhere.

There is no hope that those on welfare can take the reins of their own destiny.

There is no hope that God can be both primary in our hearts and ancillary in our politics.

There is no hope that marriage can remain a solely heterosexual institution.

There is no hope that persons of different races can be equal without inaccurate labels and unfair privileges, endowments and reparations, because it is more important to Democrats that we all be divided into subcategories and defined by our differences.

It is the Achilles-esque flaw of the Democrats to assume that Americans want everything handed to them. This misguided notion has subsumed their entire ideology and become the platter upon which they would serve us our gilded final meal, a slice of apple pie from the Tree of Knowledge.

So on Election Day, remember: the Republicans can not give you an easy life free from worry and work. But they can offer you hope. And that is more than the Democrats ever could.