Why Attack the Values Voters?

Who will go to the polls and vote on November 7? According to the mainstream media, it won’t be values voters. The media’s mantra about social conservatives being disillusioned—a psychological ploy as obvious as Tom Sawyer’s fence painting scheme—has become tiresome; their blatant efforts to discourage the values voters base and keep enough of them away from the voting booths to tip a close election is disgustingly manipulative. It is win-at-any-cost dirty politics with not a whit of concern for the health of American democracy.

If the left’s tired demagoguery succeeds, freedom and democracy will be diminished in America.

The left’s “wedge politics” consists of a thinly veiled scheme to convince the religious right (a.k.a., the values voters), that they are disdained by the Bush Administration. Such crass politics builds on the left’s long-standing stereotype—which took shape in 1993 when a Washington Post reporter said that evangelicals were “poor, uneducated and easily led.”

Don’t they wish!

If evangelicals don’t see through the left’s blatant, pathetic political plot to keep them away from the polls next Tuesday, their absence, the right’s largest bloc of voters, will ensure the left’s control of the 110th Congress.

Surely, evangelicals understand what’s happening.

Surely, evangelicals will not be willing to be mere pawns passively allowing themselves to be moved around the political board by the cynical designs of Howard Dean, Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, et. al. It is no accident that the cable television stations are still running Mark Foley stories 24/7—endlessly rehashing the embarrassing e-mails that the Republican congressman exchanged with a young male page and endlessly exploring who “should” have accused Foley without evidence. The Media Research Center reported there have been nearly four stories a day about the Foley scandal during a two-week period of late September and early October.

It is certainly intentional that David Kuo’s book casting aspersions on President Bush’s faith-based initiative—which was originally scheduled to come out around year end—was rushed into print just weeks before the election and has been flogged on all the major media outlets. Kuo’s astounding arrogance and his accounts of the White House’s contempt for evangelical leaders is getting far more coverage than the writer’s credentials and experience warrant. Certainly, the rampant media coverage exceeds the credibility of the slim evidence Kuo offers.

In addition, the media are giving extraordinary coverage to a handful of dissident evangelicals—a practice that is commonly recognized as “divide and conquer.” In an obvious effort to marginalize social conservatives by backing them into a corner under a banner identifying them as “extremists” and “right-wing whackos,” anyone claiming to be evangelical and holding non-traditional or non-Biblical views is given front-page headline coverage—no matter how marginal their views or insignificant the numbers of their followers. Thus, the so-called “new environmentalists” and “left-wing evangelicals” are given high-profile celebrity treatment.

Bottom line: If evangelicals stay home next Tuesday, the left wins control of Congress.

Over the next two weeks, the left’s tactics will get increasingly more shrill and the underlying anger more obvious. Their efforts to re-define “evangelical” and to stereotype believers is nothing more than a “hardball” political tactic to keep evangelicals in their “place” –– on the sidelines and out of the voting booths.

The left blames social conservatives for their defeat in the presidential election of 2000. They are passionate in their determination to embarrass and hamstring the right and, thus, regain control of Congress. Also, they want to stymie the war in Iraq and cripple what they perceive as an illegitimate effort—just as the anti-war movement succeeded in prematurely forcing American withdrawal from Vietnam, heedless of the coming bloodbath the communists would rain down on South Vietnam and Cambodia.

If the left can orchestrate a defeat of the social conservatives (no matter how slim), they will claim that traditional values and social issues are irrelevant to the American public. That is their plan: by discrediting conservative ideology and beliefs, by dismissing the values voters as irrelevant, the left will be unimpeded in their efforts to establish left-wing ideology into national policies and foreign policy.

Why attack the values voters?

True believers make unbelievers uncomfortable; and not just uncomfortable, but angry. Witness the left’s efforts to tear down those who strive to live by Biblical principles. Witness the attempts at character assassination of anyone who takes a strong moral stance on social issues. It doesn’t matter that those who hold to traditional values and strong ethical and moral stances tend to be gracious and kind [though not always] toward those who hold divergent views.

Why the anger? Why the venom?

Strong faith and unbending commitment to principle deeply offends postmodernists who don’t want to contend with boundaries or limitations on their independence. The incredible demonstration of the strength of Christian forgiveness by the Amish following the massacre of their children stands as a shining monument to Christian principles; so compelling was the impact of their devotion that many people—including unbelievers—were awed. But this is an election year, and a moment’s notice is all the media dared give their example of Christian love—it just didn’t fit the agenda; they had to quickly “get back with the program.”

After all, the left can’t let truth and goodness get in the way of their lust for power.