The Outing Game

Mike Rogers is a scandalmonger who calls himself a “Gay activist blogger” devoted to “outing” alleged closet-gay Republicans.

He claims that his sleazy activism is justified because it reveals the alleged hypocrisy of Republican homosexuals who refuse to promote what he insists is the real gay agenda.

Last week his target was Republican Congressman David Dreier. His latest target is Idaho Senator Larry Craig who he charged has engaged in homosexual sex with at least four men – a charge the senator vehemently denies.

Significantly, he refuses to identify his alleged sources for the accusation, surrendering by his refusal any claim to credibility.

Rogers says that digging into the private lives of politicians who support anti-gay legislation is perfectly legitimate, adding because the senator both supported and voted for the Defense of Marriage act, he has a perfect right to out him.

Rogers is one of the so-called gay activists who is going on nationally syndicated radio shows and writing newspaper columns to punish what he believes are gay Republicans for not agreeing with the liberal agenda of gay marriage or whatever the else the gay issue of the day is.

He’s outing all of these targets, not caring who he hurts, simply because they don’t agree with the radical gay agenda. There is no outrage from the Democrats or the media that there is somebody out there punishing conservatives who don’t agree with the liberal gay agenda.

They don’t understand that conservatives don’t look first at people’s sexuality. They look at a person as a whole person. There are people however, who have been described by a gay Republican talk show host as “professional homosexuals” — people who see nothing else but a person’s sexual orientation.

When they get up in the morning and look in the mirror all they see is a homosexual. They see absolutely nothing else about themselves or their lives. Yet just as the radical Muslims have taken over the Muslim faith, these professional gays are putting themselves forth as spokesmen for the entire gay community and being accepted as such by the liberal media.

They are not. The majority of gays want nothing to do with Rogers and his fellow professional homosexuals.

I know a lot of gays who live in California. Most of them are not supportive of gay marriage. Most gays are not supportive of the radical gay issue of punishing the Boy Scouts because they won’t allow homosexuals to be scoutmasters.

These are the issues that the activists are pushing. Most gays are embarrassed by the gay activists but they can’t say anything since they will be ostracized within their own community, just as a black who is conservative is ostracized within the black community.

If a gay speaks out against the radical gay agenda he will be driven out of the gay community, and that includes speaking out against the professional homosexuals who pretend to represent the entire gay community and are accepted as such by the lamestream media.  

We are now seeing the outrageous practice of liberal radio talk show hosts allowing  radical  gays to go on their shows and broadcast their slimy messages, identifying as closet gays conservative Republicans who will not kowtow to them and their demands that they support what Rogers and his ilk claim is the only legitimate agenda for homosexuals.

Rogers may claim his aim is to advance his cause, but it is nothing more than his method of punishing those who disagree with him. He’s telling his targets, “Do what I demand or I’ll expose you to ridicule.”

I don’t care if a Republican politician is gay. What I care about is his agenda. Is it a conservative agenda or a liberal agenda?  I vote for those who support my conservative views.

Liberals take it as an article of faith that conservatives hate gays. That’s absolutely untrue. What we don’t support is the radical gay agenda. We are utterly opposed to gay marriage, homosexual scoutmasters or promoting the gay lifestyle in our schools.

And, as I said, most gays agree with me and not with Rogers on these issues.