Top 10 Reasons Ted Strickland Shouldn't Be Ohio's Governor

Ted Strickland is an unaccomplished, lackluster Washington politician with a disturbing record of support for higher taxes, bigger government and a radical left-wing agenda. These are the Top 10 reasons why Ohio voters should not to vote for him on November 7.

10. During his 12 years in Congress, Strickland failed to author a single piece of legislation that even made it out of congressional committee much less passed into law.

9. Strickland is an unaccomplished Washington politician who has never held an administrative job nor worked in Ohio government and who lacks the management experience to be governor of the nation’s seventh largest economy.
8. Strickland has taken thousands of dollars from the Association of Trial Lawyers and in return voted repeatedly against legislation to curb frivolous lawsuits, therefore driving up insurance costs for taxpayers and small businesses. (Sept. 14, 2004; May 12, 2004; March 10, 2004; March 13, 2003; Sept. 26, 2002; March 13, 2002; etc.)

7. Strickland consistently votes against family values by supporting government-funded abortion, gay adoption, gay civil unions, and human cloning.
6. Strickland served on the government task force that developed “HillaryCare”—Hillary Clinton’s failed 1993 attempt to create a national socialized health care bureaucracy.
5. Strickland is more liberal than nearly three-quarters of his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives, according to National Journal.
4. Strickland is a Washington liberal who supported the agenda of Americans for Democratic Action, the nation’s oldest liberal lobbying group, 95% of the time last year.
3. Strickland received a 13% rating or “F” from the National Taxpayers Union, earning him a “Big Spender” label on tax votes.
2. Strickland voted AGAINST the historic tax relief packages passed by Congress in 2001 and 2003, choosing instead to fight against tax cuts for 4.4 million Ohio taxpayers and thousands of small businesses who drive Ohio’s economy. (March 21, 2003; April 11, 2003; May 9, 2003; and May 23, 2003)
1. Strickland voted FOR the largest tax increase in U.S. history, which raised taxes by $241 billion, raised the Social Security tax from 50% to 85%, raised gas taxes by 30%, and extended a previous gas tax that was set to expire. (Aug. 5, 1993)