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You might be surprised who made our list


Top 10 Most Vulnerable Republican Incumbents Up in ’06

You might be surprised who made our list

Ranked by HUMAN EVENTS Political Editor John Gizzi.

10. Sen. George Allen (Va.)
Recent widespread negative press hurt Allen in his race with former Navy Secretary Jim Webb, but Allen appears to be coming back by refocusing the race on issues.

9. Rep. John Doolittle (Calif.)
Ties between his fund-raiser wife and disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff have made Doolittle’s normally easy re-election in his Sacramento-area district a horse race.

8. Rep. Steve Chabot (Ohio)
In the Cincinnati-based 1st District, onetime Clinton impeachment manager Chabot has a tough bout with Democratic City Councilman John Cranley.

7. Rep. Rob Simmons (Conn.)
Having ousted a veteran Democratic incumbent six years ago in race that had to be recounted, moderate GOPer Simmons again faces a tight race with Democrat Joe Courtney.

6. Sen. Jim Talent (Mo.)
Stalwart conservative Talent faces a close race in a truly “swing” state against Democrat Claire McKaskill, former state auditor and ’04 gubernatorial nominee.

5. Sen. Mike DeWine (Ohio)
Two-termer DeWine, who angered conservatives on several votes, has the “Taft problem” that plagues all Ohio GOPers this year and is running neck-and-neck with Rep. Sherrod Brown.

4. Rep. John Hostettler (Ind.)

In the unpredictable 8th District, Hostettler (one of the few GOP lawmakers who decline PAC money) always faces a tough race and this time an especially close one with Vandenburgh County Sheriff Brad Ellsworth.

3. Sen. Conrad Burns (Mont.)
Having taken six-figure donations from several Jack Abramoff clients, Burns trails Democratic State Sen. Jon Testor in most polls.

2. Rep. Don Sherwood (Pa.)
Revelations of an extra-marital affair and an embarrassingly close primary challenge from a political unknown make Sherwood extremely vulnerable in the 10th District.

1. Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.)
Conservative swashbuckler Santorum trails State Treasurer and past gubernatorial candidate Bob Casey, Jr., in most polls, but is catching up.

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