America Is Not the Bad Guy in This Fight

It is apparent that we need to review what terrorism is. The definition is simple: terrorism is carried out by a bunch of sickos who have hijacked the religion of Islam to force their extremist agenda on everybody on this earth through violence and mass murder. They operate on no other motive except that we aren’t Islamofascists. It’s that simple, and it’s black and white.

A recently leaked National Intelligence Estimate appearing in the New York Times (surprise!) stated that our actions in Iraq have emboldened the Islamofascists, making us more vulnerable to attack. The report also confirmed that hot air rises (OK, I made that up). As if terrorists needed emboldening. They already killed 3,000 Americans in New York using American airliners. Honestly, how much bolder can they get?

Democrats, upon learning of the intelligence estimate continued screaming like banshees, but this time it was not only that Saddam wasn’t a threat and thus we should’ve ignored the purging of Iraqi dissidents by the tens of thousands, but that moreover, our actions in Iraq have made us more susceptible to attack. My question is: What the hell did we do to motivate a bunch of Islamofascists to turn planes into missiles? The assertion that our pursuit of terrorists and their allies before they strike has somehow compromised national security is the equivalent of, “Because we allow women to vote, because women can go to college, and because Americans like to eat pork, Islamofascists decided to kill scores of Americans.” Make sense now?

If the Democrats are trying to dispel the myth that they represent the “blame America first” crowd, they’re doing a shoddy job. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, et al may chastise GOP senators for characterizing his Democratic party as caring more about making sure we don’t anger Islamofascists or deny them their “constitutional rights” then they do about keeping them from harming America. Usually, such an attack is false, but in this case, Democrats prove the Republicans’ point through their rhetoric.

The assertion that our offensive against terrorism is making Islamofascists angry isn’t new. They are flabbergasted that we have prevented them from killing innocent Americans since September 11. Infidels we may be, but we’re using tools such as warrantless surveillance and the Patriot Act to stop them in their tracks. Of course, these tools will probably be taken away by Speaker Nancy Pelosi if Democrats win in November.

While the Democrats think that telling people that Iraq has jeopardized national security, too much has happened that makes their argument irrelevant. If fighting terrorism makes us more vulnerable to attack, Pope Benedict has jeopardized the entire Catholic Church with his recent remarks about how Islam is, well, violent. To prove the Pope right, Islamofascists in short order gunned down a nun in Mogadishu. Having already pledged to investigate the lead-up to the Iraq war and September 11 should they win in November, perhaps Democrats should open an investigation into the publication of Danish cartoons depicting parodies of Mohammed in college newspapers across the nation last spring. The publication of the controversial cartoons in the Daily Tarheel at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill motivated an Islamofascist to drive a jeep into a crowd of students after the DTH refused to honor demands from the Muslim Student Association to issue an apology; he is now being held in the Orange County jail on charges of terrorism and attempted murder. Of course, Democrats would have you believe that the editor of the DTH is responsible for the terrorism perpetrated by the suspect — he fueled the fire.

I am sick and damn tired of being told that the principles of America, such as free speech by the Pope and the press, coupled equal rights and liberty for all is offensive to Muslims. We are the victims, not Muslims. For Muslims to go around killing nuns and then make the entire world walk on eggshells so we don’t “offend” them is beyond comprehension. Our Catholic faith is ridiculed daily by people around the world, and yet we don’t going around killing people who work for Planned Parenthood. I have had it with Americans on the left who seem to capitulate to the demands of Muslims by decrying America as the bad guy in this War on Terror. I am sick of seeing signs throughout the nation depicting President Bush as a turban-bedecked terrorist. It is time to say enough is enough; this “we fuel the fire” hogwash goes no further. America’s message is quite plain: don’t mess with the bull, ‘cause you’ll get the horns.