Edwin Meese III Congratulates Budapest on Ronald Reagan Statue

The following is a letter from Edwin Meese III regarding the statue dedicated to former President Ronald Reagan in Budapest, Hungary.

29 June 2006

To The People Of Budapest, Hungary:

As a long-time friend of Ronald Reagan, and as a member of his Cabinet during his two terms as President of the United States, I would like to congratulate you and express my appreciation for your action in erecting a monument to him in your City Park.

Ronald Reagan cared greatly about the people imprisoned in The Captive Nations of Central Eastern Europe, as well as others throughout the world.  He had a vision of freeing those people and ending The Cold War, which he worked to implement before and during his Presidency.  It is therefore very appropriate that he be honored in this way.

I would like to thank Mayor G??¬°bor Demszky, Former Ambassador Péter Zwack, the Budapest City Council, and all who participated in making this monument possible.  I would particularly like to commend Stephen A. O’Connor, former publisher of the Budapest Business Journal, for initiating this project and working so hard to make it a reality.

Best wishes for a most successful dedication ceremony.  Your many friends in the United States join with you in this event and thank you for honoring our former President.


Edwin Meese III
Former Attorney General of the United States