The Islamic Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Every time Islamists somewhere in the world blow up civilians, kill innocent babies or church goers, behead people, or organize threatening protest mobs — which is now every day — Islamic groups in America warn about and scold us for any backlashes that might occur against Muslims or mosques. They forewarn us against criticizing Islam. They even indict us when we wonder why there is no public outcry by Islamic "civil rights" groups or imams against what is being done in the name of Islam as well as the selected teachings in the Koran that justify all this violence. Any criticism is labeled Islamophobia and racist.
While there is hardly ever a backlash against Muslims or mosques here, there have been plenty — loads — of attacks and threats from Muslims residing in the U.S. against Jews and other Americans: here. It is truly a case of the pot calling the kettle black. In fact, it is the kettle calling the unused pot black; for it is not the Muslims that have been violated here but innocent Americans, the ones always being accused.
Perhaps these warnings against violence are issued because that is what their co-religionists would themselves do and, in fact, have done. Remember the destructive crowds, the burnt churches, and the beat-up infidels after the printing of the Islamic cartoons; the three week rampage in France, even torching a hospital and school, and poor murdered Theo van Gough — all a "backlash" against perceived insults to Islam. Or, right now, the burning of churches by Muslims in the Mideast, and threats to suicide-bomb the Vatican, in response to the remarks of Pope Benedict.
Just a few weeks ago, a Muslim man with gun in hand went into the Seattle Jewish Federation and killed and wounded Jews — because he "needed to kill a Jew.” It was his "backlash.” Over a year ago, many in the I-95 (D.C.-Richmond) corridor were killed by two Muslim converts sniping for "Americans." Recently, a Muslim student from Iran, Mohamed Taheri, mowed his SUV into a crowd of fellow students at the University of North Carolina — because he was "angry at Westerners and Christians.” It is not Americans that are harming Muslims but, just the opposite, American Muslims physically harming and killing Americans. Not just there but here!
A couple of years back, an Egyptian living in America went to the El Al site at the Los Angeles airport and began shooting at those bound for Israel. In 1994, a Jewish child was murdered in cold blood on the Brooklyn Bridge by Rashid Baz, a Muslim student living in this country, who gunned down the youth, in public, while screaming "Kill the Jews."  In 1997, tourists atop the Empire State building were shot by Palestinian Arab, Ali Abu Kamal.
You say you don’t know about these cases! Of course not, precisely because Islamic groups here in America have intimidated law enforcement, the media, and politicians from disclosing the identity and motives of these deliberate killers of Jewish and Christian Americans so as not be labeled Islamophobic, so there won’t be a "backlash" — from us.
No question, if a Christian went to a mosque and killed people, his name and mission would be reported for weeks on end — so that we could all participate in recompense for our collective guilt. Out of fear of being called racist, and out of concern for what Islamic groups might say, we censor the news, the identities and the motives of the American Muslim perpetrators of these on-going horrendous crimes born of religion and ethnicity.
In all these cases, the assassins claim not to be "professional terrorists" but regular people who follow Islam, impelled to kill not by a "career demand" but ingested ethnic and religious beliefs.
Even many spokespeople in law enforcement now feel pressured into fudging reality: these are simply, always, cases of "deranged" or "out-of-balance" individuals, they say. What they did and do is never a consequence of any particular teaching or reading or imam sermon. Just look at the hushed-up incident involving a convert to Islam who, a few months ago, threw a grenade into a group of fellow, sleeping American soldiers in his own unit in Iraq. Or, the assassin of Meir Kahane referred to as simply "a loner" when, in fact, he had strong ties to a group that later blew up the basement of the World Trade Center in the early years of the Clinton administration.
Strange, though, how none of the "deranged" Jews in America are out burning down mosques. Strange how none of the "out-of-balance" Christians here are not, time and again, target shooting Muslims in Dearborn, Mich.
In fact, in our craving not to be called racist, Islamic crimes against Americans can never be attributed to the true motivation behind the crime. We are forced to deny reality. Worse, we now know that Islamic groups and individuals here have actually fabricated stories of assault against them so as to make Americans feel guilty. Evidently, the guilt-inducement has worked. But why should we feel guilty, when it is not we but they who are committing these horrors?
We seem to accept guilt not because we’ve done anything but because of the accusation that we might. How clever — freeze your opponent into silence and fear of defending himself by, beforehand, announcing that truthful revelations and normal acts of self-defense and awareness constitute racism, Islamophobia.
Newly-hatched Islamic "civil rights" organizations, representing newly arrived people, are cowering and silencing millions of people whose families have lived here for a century or even 200 years, people whose family blood has been shed to create and defend this country. How pitiful we’ve become! No matter who the accuser, or the source of accusation, today’s neutered American feels a prima-facie guilt.
The elites who control our culture and determine what is politically correct have no problem demonizing over 150 million serious Christians, and assaulting their reading of Scripture, because of how a handful have acted near abortion clinics, yet berate us, all the time, if we associate Islamic violence and hate with Islamic teachings.
There have been Islamic protesters here and in Europe holding up signs demanding "Death To The Jews,” calling for the overthrow of our government and the religion of its inhabitants, and warning Jews and Christians of the “Upcoming Real Holocaust.” Never, to my knowledge, have such public pronouncements and threats against particular citizens or groups been seen or allowed in this country during our 300 year history. People have gone to jail for far less incitement, outright racism, threats and bullying.
Why on earth do we allow this? Is our fear of being labeled Islamophobic so great that we allow that which we would never accept if done by us, that which is counter to every thing decent?
There are preachings in mosques and pamphlets in madrassas and Islamic Centers here that call for an Inquisition of us — those not faithful to Islam. Knowing all this — and most of us do know this by now — why are we Americans so acquiescent to the demands coming from these groups and so timid in our own defense, out of fear that they won’t think we are nice?
Where is our own sense of righteousness and self-worth? It has slowly been sucked out of us by over-bearing liberalism, a leach that saps a people of its own sense of worth, leaving a nation lifeless and bloodless, a mushy protoplasm. Where have all the men gone?