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Top 10 Worst Democrat Senate Chairmen in Waiting

Ranked by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS.

If Democrats are successful in taking over the Senate this November, congressional committees would lurch to the left with Democrat majorities and far-left chairmen. Here are the 10 senators who would inflict the most liberal damage.

10. Sen. Jeff Bingaman (N.M.) – Energy and Natural Resources
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 13%

The quiet Sen. Bingaman, who is consistently wrong on issues ranging from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Kyoto Protocol climate-change requirements, would be dangerous for American energy policy.

9. Sen. Kent Conrad (N.D.) – Budget
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 20%

One of the Senate’s biggest class-warfare bloviators, Conrad has consistently argued against tax cuts and was a leading opponent of the early Bush budgets that provided tax relief for American families.

8. Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) – Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 5%

Kerry voted against the Bush tax cuts, opposes repealing the Death Tax and supports hiking the minimum wage. His chairmanship would be a disaster for America’s small businesses.

7. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (W.Va) – Intelligence
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 10%

Rockefeller is demanding a full-scale investigation of how America was “lied into” the war in Iraq and has been a vocal opponent of the NSA’s surveillance of international phone calls.

6. Sen. Joe Biden (Del.) – Foreign Relations
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 14%

Biden, a self-absorbed know-it-all on every international issue, has been one of the most outspoken critics of UN Ambassador John Bolton and a repeated advocate of appeasing America’s enemies.

5. Sen. Carl Levin (Mich.) – Armed Services
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 7%

Levin, who supported Clinton’s Kosovo raids but opposed the Iraq War, has repeatedly accused the Bush Administration of misleading the U.S. into war. He has been a long-time opponent of Missile Defense.

4. Sen. Barbara Boxer (Calif.) – Environment and Public Works
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 3%

A global-warming alarmist and Kyoto Protocol supporter, the ultra-liberal Boxer is sure to advocate a far-left environmentalist agenda for this committee.

3. Sen. Ted Kennedy (Mass.) – Health, Educations, Labor and Pensions
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 3%

Liberal lion Kennedy would use the leadership post on the HELP Committee to push his leftist social ideas on such issues as stem-cell research, minimum wage and the federal role in education.

2. Sen. Robert Byrd (W.Va.) – Appropriations
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 30%

Byrd is the Senate’s most senior member and the king of pork. He has never seen a tax dollar he couldn’t spend and would likely lead the way to even larger federal deficits.

1. Sen. Pat Leahy (Vt.) – Judiciary
Lifetime American Conservative Union Rating: 6%

A leading obstructionist of President Bush’s judicial nominees, Leahy and committee Democrats would see to it that no conservative nominee to the Supreme Court or other vital post on the federal bench would be confirmed.

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