Ivy League 'Intellectuals' Can Be Toxic

The former president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, has been here in America as an invited speaker at some of our Ivy League universities and other centers of left-wing thought. But Ann Coulter, Bill Bennett, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Newt Gingrich still are not allowed to lecture in many of these institutions.

Colleges extend more of our constitutional rights — such as freedom of speech — to those who hate our civilization and Constitution than to those unabashedly proud of America and our historic ethos.

Whoever said that those who consider themselves “intellectuals” are actually smart? In the world of leftism in America, one who invites America’s enemies is considered “open and broad minded.” For members of that world, who crave to be viewed as “worldly,” nothing crowns them more than inviting America-haters, those always scolding America. That, they hope, reveals their allegiance not to America but, better, the world. One is not parochial but a “genuine” internationalist, as befits people endowed with an “open-minded outlook.”

There are many who crave the acceptance of America’s enemies. They are called liberals. They have a deep emotional problem. It reflects great insecurity, a sickness, one that gives acclaim to those who wish you ill while demonizing fellow countrymen who, as is natural, love their own country.

Truth be told, many of today’s so-called intellectuals are driven more by emotion than reality and facts. They have no answers for the world as is, but notions only of how they would like things to be. They are not true men and women of knowledge but slaves to emotionalism. They do not understand true responsibility. For them, being intellectual means advancing theories contrary to common sense, history, and what makes sense to the man on the street.

They do not think like the scientist. What they espouse is wholly different from what a learned expert concludes.

While waxing about “The People,” rarely do such intellectuals, as history has shown, respect the will of the people, preferring absolutist systems with “guarantees,” and authoritarianism over true democracy. The “utopian” system that guarantees bread and, now, medical coverage for all is savored over that which allows freedom for individuals to become all that they can be. Left-wing “intellectualism” is no replacement for grounded knowledge and love of freedom and aspiration.

But here is the great irony of the left. Islam, as today widely taught, is as extreme right wing as anything since the Nazis. It has become a supremacist religion where every one must voluntarily convert or do so by the sword, or simply die. They are planning, we now hear, “execution camps” for their enemies, camps similar to what the Nazis had. These Islamic fascists are imperialistic, as seen by their terror-making and insurgencies every where in the world. They will not let the world rest. Turmoil only.

Women in such a system are almost without human rights. “Honor killings” of women for having engaged in premarital sex, wanting a divorce, having been raped, or having dated a Western man, are rampant. Highly educated or professional women are threatened. Equal rights are not extended to those who are not Muslim.

American and European leftists should be aware by now that in those societies there is no abortion! No gay sex! No gay marriage! No tolerance! No diversity, no multiculturalism! Islamic fascists are in fact, today, practicing a virulent racism against Jews, Christians and Anglo-Saxons wishing to remain so. The Islamists talk “tolerance” only when lecturing our Western governments as to how followers of Islam should be offered preferetial treatment.

How, then, can certain American colleges and liberal institutions have as their honored speaker a man who, basically, believes in so much of this worldview and sociology, yet never allow on campus a Jerry Falwell or a true, gutsy political conservative?

Because anti-Americanism has become the greatest animating emotion and calling card of the left. Iran is anti-American. Iran wants us to apologize. To bow. To humiliate ourselves and concede our inferiority. The left loves it.

After listening to the emissary of Iran, they soon will try to persuade us that it is the Iranians who are the reasonable people. It is we, the conservative “jingoistic” Americans, who are hard-headed and out of step with other cultures — the world. The leftists have matriculated into pawns for our enemies. This is not new for this breed of “intellectual.”

They are willing to overlook a whole affront to human rights and dignity, ignore the real agenda of Islam, in service to their, the left’s, greater cause of anti-Americanism. And why do they on the left so hate America? Because they assert that America is anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-abortion, too religious (Christian), has a “glass-ceiling,” is racist, and is imperialistic. Strange how they manage to forgive America’s enemies for every sin of which they precisely find America guilty and responsible.

Normally we do not assign blame always to that which we love and admire. We blame that which deep in our soul we despise or are unwilling to defend. The very same people who were first to blame America during the Cold War are now blaming America in the War on Terror. It is always America’s fault.

Liberals see American political conservatives as a greater threat than jihadists. Their axis of evil is not Iran, Hamas or Chavez, but Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield. How utterly simplistic and small-minded they have become, like foolish children whose world is so small that they are more angry at parents than vicious despots they are unable to comprehend.

How true it is that prosperous civilizations eventually die because the bored among them have pushed the envelope so far that nothing remains but self-destruction, suicide — born of national self-hate. Children spoiled by their parents usually end up hating their parents, biting the hands that fed them. And spoiled citizens usually end up hating and turning on the very country that gave them everything.