California's Forced Conversions

It’s not just Islamic radicals forcing people to convert in the Middle East. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently took a huge step toward forcing millions of Californians to convert.

It’s not Islam that Schwarzenegger and the state are forcibly pushing through all schools that accept any public form of financial aid for students.

Instead, it’s paganism. It’s the worship of Baal. It’s a primitive form of religion that is making a comeback. It’s a faith that says sacrifice your sons and daughters on this altar — or else.

In case you missed the stunning news, Schwarzenegger has signed a new law that effectively tosses out all sexual moral conduct codes at colleges, private and Christian schools, daycare centers and other so-called educational facilities across the state.

The law requires all businesses and groups receiving any form of state funding — even if it’s a grant for one student — to condone homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and God knows what else.

There are no exceptions — not for other religious beliefs, not for personal moral convictions, not for health reasons, not even for the possession of something increasingly rare in the Golden State: common sense.

Here’s more evidence that Republican officeholders are the key to advancing social justice and progress. This is something not even former Gov. Gray Davis could have pulled off.

I don’t want to overstate this, but, this is the end of religious freedom in the biggest state in the union.

The only alternative left for Christians and Jews and people of other faiths in California is quite literally to drop out. That means homeschooling. It means creating new institutions that won’t touch any public funding — even when it is as tenuous as one student accepting a state grant. When you submit yourself or your institution to government regulation in California now, you tacitly accept the official state religion of paganism.

And don’t think it will end here. It never does.

When more people choose to drop out, as they inevitably will, the coercive state will find new creative ways to come after them as well.

I saw this coming 15 years ago when I chose to leave California for good. It’s over. It really is the late, great state of California.

Remember how it all started.

It started with acceptance of the seemingly benign, libertarian notion that "what I do in the privacy of my own bedroom is none of the government’s business." Now, of course, it’s everyone’s business.

By going to virtually any educational institution in California today you are swearing allegiance to the idea that homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and a growing list of other sexual sins and pathologies are just as good, just as normal, just as acceptable, just as healthy as heterosexuality.

Even worse, you are converting to this religious view. You are rejecting your old religious code — if you had one. You are accepting what might be called "the mark of the Terminator."

What’s next?

It’s unlikely the people who believe in forced conversions will stop after this victory.

They have been trying to force their way into every facet of life in California and across the nation. They want to regulate homeschooling. They want to approve curricula. They want to ensure that no child escapes their efforts at indoctrination and brainwashing.

These are the same people who consider the Boy Scouts of America one of the most subversive organizations in the country because of its commitment to the simple non-sectarian principle of monotheism. If you believe in one true God who rules the universe and has established a standard of behavior for all men, these zealots are coming after you.

The war is not over until everyone bows before Baal.