The Left Has Assassination Fascination

This week liberals were outraged over a joke involving a Republican politician being assassinated. Was it the art exhibit depicting a gun pointed at the President’s head with “Patriot Act” written underneath? Nope. Was it the buttons depicting the President pointing a gun at his own head with the phrase “end terrorism now?” Nope. How about the T-shirt depicting Tom DeLay’s committing suicide with the caption, “We can dream, can’t we?” Wrong, again.

HUMAN EVENTS Legal Affairs Correspondent Ann Coulter is the only person who can get liberals in such a tizzy. The offensive act is the title of her column this week, “They Shot the Wrong Lincoln.” The column was perfectly timed, incisive and critical of President Bush’s endorsement of liberal candidates Senators Lincoln Chafee (R.I.) and Joe Lieberman (Conn.). And the title—hilarious!

In Treason, Coulter remarks that liberals think they are making a valid point simply by putting quote marks around words (example: Reagan “won” the Cold War). In this case, they certainly don’t disappoint. Editor & Publisher “reports,” “Ann Coulter periodically ‘jokes’ about the deaths of certain liberals and other enemies but this week the killing reference appears right in the headline of her column.” So that makes it doubly worse!

Media Matters “for America” was also on the case just three hours after the column was posted on HUMAN EVENTS. For the record, after reading the column I emailed to a friend that Coulter’s column this week would spark feigned outrage from Media Matters and E&P. She now owes me a diet Coke.

One can always count on the Media Matters comments section for a glimpse into the “hearts” of liberals. Here’s just a small sample of comments from their article on Coulter’s column on Chafee. [sic to infinity]

  • “I think Henry VIII executed the wrong Anne. Chop! Chop!”
  • “Exactly WHAT Is this sad charicature of a human beings obsession with killing people?”
  • “Why has she not been arrested? Advocating the killing of people is a crime or should be.”
  • “This broad should be arrested …tied up in her jail cell, and have dog crap flung in her face for a couple months.”
  • “Annie…..Annie you can’t run from every pie”
  • “I think In March 1945 a typhus epidemic in a Nazi concentration camp killed the wrong Anne–although our Anne would have been a guard, and not a prisoner.”
  • “She sounds like anti-social, Ted Bundy wanna be”
  • “Ann Coulter should be arrested for threatening the life of a United States Senator.”
  • “If she proposed the same actions towards any president that she proposes for those she disagrees with, her actions would be criminal and she’d be arrested. If any democrat went on TV and called for the assassination of a republican president, that person would be vilified and scorned. [Remember this one, folks]”

Liberals’ short-term memory—in this case, about 12 hours—is a conservative’s best friend. On August 31, the Drudge Report brought attention to the soon-to-be-released faux-documentary Death of a President. The Los Angeles Times describes the film as “mixing archival footage and computer-generated special effects to portray the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush.” The film takes place in October 2007 and debuts at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10. Critics are already hailing the film as “breathtakingly original,” “a striking premise,” and “a serious film.”

Peter Dale, the head of the British network More4, which will be broadcasting the film, said, “It’s a pointed political examination of what the war on terror did to the American body politic… It’s not sensationalist, or simplistic but a very thought-provoking, powerful drama. I hope people will see that the intention behind it is good.”

HUMAN EVENTS columnist Michelle Malkin has been vigilant in exposing “assassination chic” on the Left. In her book, Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, Malkin has an outstanding chapter on the twisted liberal mind that’s fascinated with assassinating Republican presidents. Malkin begins the chapter by describing the New York Times bestseller Assassination Vacation, and its author, Sarah Vowell. Vowell is obsessed with the assassinations of Republican Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. Vowell, a commentator on NPR and fill-in columnist for the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, doesn’t hide her “simmering rage against the current president.” During the 2004 Republican National Convention, she remarked to a friend that she was concerned for President Bush’s safety only because “I don’t think I can stomach watching that man get turned into a martyr if he were killed.”

Malkin writes, “From highbrow art galleries and the Broadway stage to bookstore shelves, radio airwaves, newspaper op-ed pages and city streets, the mainstreaming of presidential assassination chic reveals much about the Left’s mental state. At a time of war, with Islamist extremists gunning for the President, our troops, and civilians at home and abroad, America-loathing liberals continue to find warped comfort in murderous plot lines and homicidal images of our president.”

The obvious difference between Coulter’s column title and the assassination fascination on the Left is simple: They’re not joking.