The Politically Incorrect Votes Are In!

On August 11 Regnery Publishing invited HUMAN EVENTS readers to weigh in and cast their votes for the next “Politically Incorrect Guide” (P.I.G.). Nearly 700 people responded to the call and the results are in! In first place, with 59% of respondents selecting among their top three topics, is the P.I.G. to the Constitution and the Courts. Coming in second and third are the P.I.G. to Economics and Capitalism (with 38% selecting it), and P.I.G. to the Bible (with 37%).

Look for these and other PIGs in the future. Released this week was the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.” Didn’t get to read books by dead white males in college? Out later this year is the Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature. And early next year brings the PIG to the South and the PIG to Global Warming and Environmentalism. Stay tuned for even more upcoming Politically Incorrect Guides that are sure to give you the cold, hard facts, and annoy the P.C. liberals!

To learn more about the P.I.G. series, and to see our current list of six titles, please visit: