The Left's Accomplishments This Summer

As summer draws to a close, and we enter the fall election season, it seems a good time to review what the left in this great nation accomplished over the hazy days of summer. The kids are either back in school now, or will be in the next few weeks and they’ll be writing the annual paper on the recently completed summer vacation. This is what it might look like if the left had to write such a paper.

A few scant months ago, June to be exact, The New York Times, in its infinite wisdom, decided to publish information regarding the financial dealings of terrorist targets that President Bush and our government had been collecting since shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Under the guise of the “people’s right to know,” the paper of record effectively told the terrorists we were on to them. The administration asked them not to publish this information, but they did so anyway. Some called this treasonous and frankly, who am I to disagree?

In early August, the good people of Connecticut made ultra left-wing liberal Ned Lamont their choice for the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate. In the process, they unseated three-time incumbent, and liberal by any measure, Sen. Joe Lieberman. Why? It seems Joe refused to tow the party line and bash President Bush over his handling of the war on terror. Joe did the unthinkable and actually supported the president on this issue. His relationship with the president was considered far to cozy for any member of the party of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. I can almost hear Sen. Kennedy slurring, “He simply had to go.” “Hic.”

On August 17, 2006, Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, a Jimmy Carter appointee, ruled that the National Security Agency must cease and desist with its warrantless wiretapping program as it is in violation of the first and fourth amendments to the Constitution. This ruling came barely three days after the capture of 24 Islamofacists, hell-bent on murdering upwards of 3,000 innocent people. According to published reports, the NSA program, established by President Bush following the 9/11 attacks, played a key role in their capture. The plaintiffs in this suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan based in Detroit, include the ACLU, Civil Rights Organizations, Lawyers, Educators, Greenpeace, and The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Have any of these groups ever supported a single policy of President Bush or his administration? Aren’t some of these people the same ones clamoring about a “stolen” election?

In case anyone is missing the common thread among these items, I’ll make it clear: blind hatred of George Bush and anything he supports or represents. As far as I can tell, the president, with help from some very solid allies in Britain and Pakistan, is directly responsible for saving the lives of over 3,000 people. So how does the left applaud this success? By congratulating the president and our allies for their success? Not even close. Incredibly, they spit in the president’s eye by allowing this ridiculous litigation to go forward. What’s even more ridiculous is that when the government’s appeal is heard in September, and this ludicrous ruling is overturned, we’ll hear even more vitriol from the left. It’s simply a case of being blinded by hate and using judicial activists to usurp the people’s authority and that of the executive branch.

In an interesting side note, CNN recently reported that a poll conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation on May 16-17 resulted in 50% of people saying the NSA wiretapping program is “wrong,” while 44% believe it to be “right.” I strongly recommend CNN conduct another poll given the recent success of the program and the capture of these madmen. Perhaps Fox News should take up that challenge.

We’re just about finished with August now, so that pretty much wraps up what the left has accomplished since summer began. Given this small sampling of our left–wing leaders’ “accomplishments,” is it any wonder that average Americans continue to support the president? I strongly recommend that Republicans in “close-call” contests take this short list to the people in their states and districts and show them exactly what they can expect if they choose to elect these “leaders.” It may have been a hot summer, but fall is on the way. Of course, if Republicans take my advice, it may be a big fall for some Democratic candidates come Election Day in November.