'Liebermania' Consumes Party of Reagan

Now I’ve seen it all. Initially, I thought the current Republican “love-fest” with Sen. Joe Lieberman (D.-Conn.), was simply a knee-jerk reaction to his being defeated by the extreme left-winger Ned Lamont. It appeared to this political novice, that Republicans were so taken aback by the defeat of the former vice-presidential nominee, they simply didn’t know how to react. Clearly, I was wrong. Joe Lieberman is undoubtedly a friend of the Republican Party, right? Of course! “Liebermania” has gripped the party of Ronald Reagan!

After watching Republican National Chairman Ken Mehlman on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, it became painfully clear to me the Republican Party has decided to forsake its own candidate in Connecticut and climb aboard the Joe Lieberman express. This is an unmistakable symptom of the aforementioned “Liebermania.”

After digesting this information, almost regurgitating my half-eaten bagel, and pulling out what little hair I had left, I decided to take a look at how Joe Lieberman’s views compare to my own. It seems to me that our views should basically mirror one another. After all, each of us is a friend of the party of Ronald Reagan.

I was surprised to learn just how much two friends of the same party differed in his views on the pressing issues of the day. The following list isn’t in any particular order.

I believe…. Joe Lieberman believes…
Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Partial-birth abortion and “reproductive freedom” are women’s rights.
School vouchers are in our best interest. The NEA is right, and public education needs more tax dollars.
It takes two parents to raise a child. It takes a “village” to raise a child.
We need a constitutional amendment affirming that marriage is between a man and a woman. Gay marriage is somehow necessary in our progressive society. He voted against the idea.
The “Fair Tax,” as described by Rep. John Lindner and radio personality Neal Boortz, should be implemented immediately to improve our economy. We should not implement the “Fair Tax,” and the Bush tax cuts should be rescinded because they favor the “rich” and hurt the poor. Tax increases should be the order of the day.
Lieberman was part of the Democratic ticket that claims to this day that the election of 2000 was “stolen.” He wasn’t.
The Kyoto Protocol is bad for American business and industry. We should align ourselves with European socialists and sign on to these protocols.
U.S. service members should be treated like American citizens and afforded their rights under our Constitution. U.S. service members should be subject to the “World Court.”
We should secure our borders FIRST. Then, we can use our high-school dropouts to do the unskilled labor “Americans don’t want to do” instead of allowing unfettered illegal immigration. A “comprehensive approach” to illegal immigration is needed which includes the citizenship express lane for illegal aliens.
Samuel Alito, a strict constitutional constructionist, was an excellent choice for Supreme Court justice. Alito was a bad choice. He voted against his confirmation.
Drilling should begin as quickly as possible in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and off every coast of the continental United States. Drilling at ANWR is a bad idea. He voted against the idea.
Israel has an absolute right to defend itself against Hezbollah, or any other aggression. Hey! We agree on this one!

Given our differences, can somebody please explain why the Republican Party is distancing itself from its own candidate and supporting, albeit silently, Joe Lieberman? Ned Lamont can’t possibly do any worse from a Republican perspective than Lieberman has. It must be “Liebermania.”


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