Irresponsible Media Fuel Anti-War Views

“If you are going to be hung as a horse thief, start stealing horses,” is a saying often heard in Marine Corps fighter squadron ready-rooms.

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Israel and especially the IDF have been doubly attacked. The first attack against Israel triggered the Israeli Defense Force to fight against forces of evil that want to create a second Holocaust. The second attack against Israel comes from the careless, Machiavellian manipulators in positions of authority in the media who have run doctored photos.

Apparently, bogus photos are now being discovered in heretofore credible media operations Reuters, the New York Times, and Associated Press to name a few. Remember that nothing shows up in print that wasn’t a deliberate conscious decision by someone in a position of authority and responsibility to put it there. That “someone” should have known better.

Unfortunately from personal experience, if not abated, the second attack could be more dangerous in the long run. In the summer of 1973, as a Marine fighter pilot flying with VMFA-232, the world famous Red Devils (just ask us) out of a jungle airstrip in Thailand (known as the “Rose Garden”), I was medically evacuated before I could do any real damage to the Khmer Rouge, which was trying to take over Cambodia.

While recovering in the hospital, the war in Southeast Asia ended on Aug. 15, 1973. The American people said it should end, and in a very simple way, Congress voted to turn off the money. We were never defeated in the air or on the land or at sea The pressure to end U.S. combat in Southeast Asia was unrelenting from the late 1960s until it finally happened.

The great tragedy, for those of us who did our duty with honor in Southeast Asia is the lack of accountability for those anti-war factions in America who turned a blind eye to the killing fields of Cambodia and the boat people from Vietnam.

Now both America and Israel are faced with an attack by individuals in hostile media whose professionalism and integrity have been proven to be lacking. To be very fair, the false propaganda planted to discredit Israel is so far the exception to the rule that over time a free and fair press ultimately gets it right. But it is a very dangerous and rapidly accelerating trend.

Unlike what my fellow warriors from Southeast Asia lived through, the 24-hour news cycle is rapidly accelerating the growth of anti-war sentiment. Last week’s vote in Connecticut shows that dynamic at work. Again, in a democratic society citizens ultimately determine the future, but they need to be informed by a non-rigged press.

Warriors from America, England, Israel and NATO are putting their lives on the line every day for a democratic, peaceful way of life against pure evil. These men and woman have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect innocent civilians against a ruthless deadly enemy.

Ironically, the enemies of freedom are scheming every day to use the bedrock of freedom, the 1st Amendment to ultimately destroy the 1st Amendment. The media owe it to our warriors to use their tremendous power responsibility, to tell it true and tell it fair. But it is not looking good, and time is short.