Top 10 Anti-Growth House Republicans

Ranked by the Club for Growth.

10. Dave Reichert (Iowa) – Before he was a congressman, Reichert was a sheriff. Good thing being a RINO isn’t illegal, or he’d have to arrest himself! Score: 36%

9. Jim Gerlach (N.J.) – According to NTU’s BillTally analysis, Gerlach proposed new net spending in 2005 of $53 billion. That’s the 6th highest amount among all House Republicans. Score: 35%

8. Joe Schwarz (Mich.) – Rejoice! Fiscal conservatives rallied behind Tim Walberg, who defeated Schwarz in the GOP primary on August 8th. The House just got rid of a RINO and, pending the general election, is expected to pick up a strong, pro-growth leader in Walberg. Score: 35%

7. Tim Johnson (Ill.) – Johnson certainly votes according to his liberal beliefs and not because he wants to get re-elected. Bush carried this conservative seat in 2004 with 59% of the vote. Score: 34%

6. Chris Shays (Conn.) – Shays is a classic case of a politician who has caught Potomac Fever. Believe it or not, he used to be a strong fiscal conservative. ‘Tis no more. Score: 33%

5. Sherry Boehlert (N.Y.) – Taxpayers can be extremely thankful that Sherry is retiring at the end of this year. Score: 33%

4. John McHugh (N.Y.) – McHugh is a life long politician. He’s contracted Potomac Fever long before he arrived in Washington, D.C., in 1992! Score: 33%

3. Rob Simmons (Conn.) – Simmons was one of the loudest RINO voices in 2005 during the Social Security reform debate. Against personal accounts, Simmons said, “When does the program go belly up? 2042. I’ll be dead by then.” Score: 29%

2. Chris Smith (N.J.) – He’s a reliable vote for the Republican Party…when they want to expand the size of government. Sarbanes-Oxley, No Child Left Behind, the Farm Security Act, Medicare Drug Bill, etc. Score: 28%

1. Jim Leach (Iowa) – As the biggest RINO of the year, Leach consistently sides with the Democrats. Case in point — he was the only Republican to vote against permanent Death Tax repeal. Score: 21%