Modern-Day Freedom Fighters Take on 'New World Order'

In developing the story on the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and the emerging North American Union, I am obliged to pay homage to Joseph Farah and George Noory, who for many years have been sounding the alarm against the advancement of “New World Order” globalism.

In many ways, two individuals could not be more different. Joseph Farah professes a strong Christianity while he home-schools his children. George Noory begins his new book, “Workers in the Light,” with a discussion of the ouija board and an out-of-the-body experience that as a 11- or 12-year-old first led him to be interested in UFOs and paranormal experiences. The minute Joseph Farah hears this he is likely to react with an aversion to what he considers the dark side of the occult at odds with the version of “the light” his Christianity would define.

Both Joseph Farah and George Noory command huge audiences.

World Net Daily is consistently ranked as a top news source on the Internet. World Net Daily not only commands a large and dedicated audience, news producers in virtually all media as well as government officials at all levels review the website many times daily to stay current with breaking news.

With George Noory as the weekday host, Coast to Coast AM has become the No. 1 nighttime talk radio show in the world. For four hours each day, Coast to Coast AM entertains upwards of 5 million to 10 million night-owls, including millions of professional truckers and traveling motorists on interstate highways across the nation.

I consider myself honored to write and report for both Human Events Online and for World Net Daily. I also feel honored to have become a regular Coast to Coast AM guest. In both venues, I have repeatedly discussed the issues raised by my books including “Atomic Iran,” “Black Gold Stranglehold,” and now “Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders.”

  • Joseph Farah and George Noory are strong and consistent supporters of Israel who share a strong concern over Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons.
  • Neither Farah nor Noory is convinced that oil or natural gas are produced by decaying biological material, or that we are anywhere near running out.
  • Both Farah and Noory are concerned that our wide-open borders invite terrorists into our midst and risk the loss of our national sovereignty

Joseph Farah’s own book “Taking America Back” is a “must read” for anyone who considers themselves a warrior for moral values. Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minuteman Project and my co-author in “Minutemen,” was equally firm that the lead quotation in our new book be drawn from Joseph’s book — the admonition to remember that our elected representatives rarely read the laws they consider in congress. Joseph inscribed a copy of his book for me with the advice, “It’s about Freedom!”

Farah’s warnings on border security stayed with Jim Gilchrist and me as we wrote “Minutemen.” In “Taking America Back,” Joseph wrote:

I believe a nation’s borders are sacrosanct. Without borders, there are no nations. We become one big global village — subject ultimately to a new form of tyranny imposed by unaccountable internationalists. Borders are also critical to maintaining the distinct culture of a nation. That’s not a racist or jingoistic concept — it is a matter of practicality. If anyone and everyone can become an American simply by relocating — and without any pledge to our nation’s Constitution and political creed — then we lose everything our founding fathers established in fighting for our independence, our sovereignty, and for the rule of law. (Page 23).

Reading an advance copy of George Noory’s “Workers in the Light,” I found George’s book explains convincingly who George Noory is, presented in an engaging self-reflective portrait, much as Joseph Farah’s book explains how Joseph sees himself not as a conservative, but as a “revolutionist,” exactly as George Washington himself was a revolutionist.

Farah would predictably have a hard time embracing the full range of Noory’s interests, including his enthusiasm for “remote viewing,” but Farah would most likely endorse Noory’s statement that: “Light defeats darkness just as a solitary good deed will create an angel who will stand up for you at the end of days.” (Page 37).

Having the privilege to work with both Joseph Farah and George Noory, I recognize that both men have a passion both have for pursuing truth, just as they disdain any force that limits our God-given drive for freedom.

Both Joseph Farah and George Noory share a love for the United States of America and the goodness our Founding Fathers established on a few simple principles established in a few cherished documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Neither Farah nor Noory want to see our great freedoms compromised because global capital interests are willing to erase our borders in pursuit of cheap labor regardless of the human cost involved and the insane aggrandizement of unbridled profit as a limitless end in itself.

Joseph Farah’s “Taking America Back” and George Noory’s forthcoming book “Workers in the Light” both deserve a wide and continuing readership from those of us who are thankful for the insights into themselves both are willing to share.

As much as when George Washington was alive, we are once again involved in a fight for our fundamental freedoms.

I gain confidence the United States of America will survive as a free nation when I reflect on the dedication and determination of men such as Joseph Farah and George Noory. As different as one is from the other, both are dedicated to the proposition that we human beings can advance in freedom together in the United States and around the globe.

George Noory has promised to continue hosting Coast to Coast AM until 2012, when we would not at all be surprised to see him run for President of the United States (possibly with Joseph Farah deciding to challenge him). Who knows? With his loyal radio audience as a base, George Noory might just win, unless we stalwart readers of World Net Daily decide to swing our support to Joseph.

One more point of commonality — both Farah and Noory are Lebanese. I guess if they both decide to declare for the presidency in 2008 we can look forwarded to a spirited debate. The problem is that on many issues, including the North American Union and, both men will largely agree and both are very articulate in advancing their particular reasons why.