Lieberman Has Lived Up to His War Vote

A hard-lined liberal, he opposed President Bush’s tax cuts. He also voted against the ban on partial-birth abortions. But for all his faults, Sen. Joe Lieberman (D.-Conn.) has remained consistent on his decision to support the Iraq war.

Unlike many of the other 29 Democrats who voted to authorize the war, Lieberman has never tried to evade responsibility for the vote he cast in its favor. He understood that having advocated the smashing of Saddam’s regime, he put our nation in a position where our troops could not leave Iraq until a new, stable regime was put in place that would govern without threatening the U.S. or its neighbors. And until we’ve reached that point we can’t leave — a concept Lieberman accepts and dutifully acknowledges.

What is right is not always popular, and, in this case at least, Lieberman has put the national interest above his own political interest.

The same cannot be said for many of the other Senate Democrats who voted for the war.