Top 10 Pro-Growth House Members

Ranked by The Club for Growth.

10. Steve Chabot (98%) – Liberals want Chabot’s seat.  He’s in an evenly split district (Bush got 51% against Kerry), but that hasn’t weakened his exceptionally strong voting record.

9. Joe Pitts (99%) – A Vietnam veteran, Pitts has quietly attained a very conservative voting record in a state that continues to lurch leftward because of its increasing RINO congressional representation.

8. Sue Myrick (99%) – She’s part of the celebrated Class of 1994 who continues to fight for limited government even after 12 years in Washington.

7. Todd Akin (100%) – Akin was one of the 25 brave fiscal conservatives who successfully resisted the DeLay whip machine by voting against the Medicare drug bill in 2003.

6. Ed Royce (100%) – He speaks softly, but carries a strong voting card. He’s a very smart guy and a nice one to boot.

5. John Shadegg (100%) – Here’s one reason why House Republicans are getting weaker and weaker on fiscal issues…they didn’t elect John Shadegg as their Majority Leader.

4. Jeb Hensarling (100%) – He studied under fiscal legend, Phil Gramm. And while he’s got big shoes to fill, he’s surpassing all expectations as the RSC’s budgetary pointman.

3. Mike Pence (100%) – Mike Pence, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), is a rising star. Watch out for him.

2. Trent Franks (100%) – A successful entrepreneur, Franks is the real deal when it comes to fiscal conservatism. He has publicly stated that he never wants to be on the Appropriations Committee.

1. Jeff Flake (100%) – Very few members of Congress, if any, work harder than Jeff Flake to protect the American taxpayer. Most admirably, he has never secured pork projects for his district.


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