An American Spy for the People's Republic of China in His Own Words

On December 17, 1996 Charles Krause hosted a PBS show about “Tentative Engagement.” The issues under discussion was a ten-day tour by the Defense Minister from the Peoples Republic of China to the United States. During the course of the visit Defense Minister General Chi Hao Tian “met privately with President Clinton at the White House,” and was afforded full military Honors at the Pentagon by Secretary of Defense William Perry.

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PBS sets up the interview by acknowledging:

“Sino-U.S. relations have been strained since 1989, when the Chinese government suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. At the time, General Chi was the Chinese army’s chief of staff, and in that capacity ordered the military crackdown. In a speech at the National Defense University on Human Rights Day last week, Chi continued to deny that any civilians had been killed in Beijing seven years ago, calling the pro-democracy demonstrators ‘hooligans.’”

Gen Chi stated on PBS, “I can tell you in a responsible and serious manner that at that time not a single person lost his life in Tiananmem Square.”

Also on the show was the man who made Chi’s verbal obscenity, and flat out lie, possible at NDW on Human Rights Day. PBS identified him as “Ronald Montaperto, senior fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University (NDU) in Washington. He helped Pentagon officials prepare for the Chinese visit.”

We now know that at that time Dr. Ronald Montaperto was an espionage agent for the PRC. He is awaiting sentencing in September, for his espionage activities. So if one looks at his public statements it would be very instructive and reflective of PRC talking points

During the interview, the other individual on the show, Congressman Chris Smith (R.-N.J.), a stalwart on human rights, put down a marker calling General Chi “the butcher of Beijing” and citing that Amnesty International “estimates that at least a thousand people were killed.” Actually the numbers run into the thousands. Montaperto replied “I personally am rather glad that the President did meet him because it sends the proper signal…” He goes on to downplay the events of Tiananmem Square because “we now need to keep focused on other issues.” The “other” issue Montaperto states we need to keep focused on is “What about (PRC) behavior in the Middle East?”

Dr. Ron Montaperto, an admitted espionage agent for the PRC, was instrumental in rigging a visit to America by the “Butcher of Beijing” to meet the president, receive full Military Honors at the Pentagon and deny the massacre of students at the National Defense University on Human Rights Day.

It would not be a reach for him to be involved in stopping any action by the U.S. to impede the shipping of hi-tech weapons to the Middle East by China, and that is exactly what happened. There was a law, the Gore-McCain Act, that required U.S. action to stop weapon proliferation, it was ignored by President Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore.

The Clinton Administration did absolutely nothing to stop the flow of PRC ant-ship C-802 Missiles (and many more weapons) to Iran. I focused on the C-802 because they made their way to Hezballah and missiles are now flying and people are dying and those weapons have “made in china” stamped on them.

But let’s give Professor Montaperto the last word; “Our approach with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the PLA, involves the discussion of strategic issues, a discussion of broad concepts of strategy and doctrine, things of that sort.”

We now know he was a spy and agent of influence for China and influencing “strategy and doctrine.” The FBI, Justice department and the Counter-Intelligence community have the difficult task to determine if he was trying to throw the game or just shave points. Because if he threw the game we may never know what damage he caused until it is too late. So far the strategic surprise of very sophisticated PRC weapons in the hands of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah is a very ominous trend. I hope DOJ, the FBI and Intel Community get a very good data dump from Dr. Ron the spy.