Ann Speaks Free of Liberal Attacks

For one afternoon, Ann Coulter was free from the usual bombardment of self-aggrandizing liberals fighting for the chance to sling the same old lewd manifestos into a microphone that have been permanently stapled in their heads by the mainstream media, instead spending some time with fellow conservative women.

Coulter, author and HUMAN EVENTS legal affairs correspondent, has long been known as public enemy No. 1 amongst Clinton-Kerry loving liberal pundits. “It’s fun taunting liberals,” said Coulter. “You must learn to embrace liberal hatred.”

Coulter was guest speaker for the most recent installment of The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute Literary Series “Afternoon with an Author” last Friday at the National Press Club.

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She discussed her new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," and then opened the floor up for questions from the audience.

Attendees asked a variety of questions about the issues she presented throughout her book and some even sought her expertise for future career paths.

Coulter encouraged young conservative women to seek jobs as public school teachers or college professors in order to counterattack the liberal indoctrination from left-wing nuts found on school campuses across America.

“My plan B, or maybe my plan A, is for as many of you as can possibly be persuaded, should become public school teachers. We must enter their temples and destroy them.”

She also suggested careers in the field of broadcast journalism in order to promote conservative values on television because “it’s like the voice of God” for so many Americans.

Coulter made reference to the contradictory religious beliefs held by liberals that were typical of “The Church of Liberalism.” One example she cited was “their theory of Darwinism” and the conviction that people are born with a “particular sexual preference.”

“According to them, evolution should have selected out gayness. Right, they’re not reproducing — the whole idea of Darwinism is a brutal battle of survival and the advantageous mutations survives and reproduces and goes on.”

One audience member asked Coulter if she was “optimistic” about the present structure of the Supreme Court. “Not yet, we need one more. Thus my suggestion with the rat poison-Justice Stevens-crème brulee.”

Coulter said that “[liberals] don’t rely on democracy, they don’t like democracy in Iraq, they don’t want democracy in America…this is why liberals like to operate through the courts.”

“You always hear about how bossy fundamentalist Christians are, it seems to me, what I notice is actually the reversal, it always seems to be the blue states flying into the red states taking down the 10 Commandments, and you know, references to God. I don’t see Jerry Farwell and Dobson flying into New York City demanding ‘shut down that gay rights parade.’ It is always the blue states oppressing the red states — just leave us alone.”

One listener asked Coulter about her feelings in regards to Hillary Clinton running for President in 2008. Coulter said that she wasn’t certain that it would be Clinton to carry the Democratic nomination in the next presidential election because her coverage in “The ‘Treason’ Times” had seemed to be unfavorable lately.

“No one moved on from the Clintons with more enthusiasm and alacrity than I did. I am so bored with the Clintons. But I suppose if she became President it would be kind of exciting. I would be in Guantanamo. I would have a lot to write about from my cell.”

Alison Hoover, an intern for The Washington Times and student at Tufts University, posed the last question to Coulter, after which she made reference to the publisher of The New York Times, who had graduated from the school.

“I do have a job for you, you’ve got to work in the admissions office and get Pinch Sulzberger’s SAT scores. That is your job, as an American…You won’t even have to put him in prison, it will be so humiliating Pinch will be crawling off to the mountains like a sick dog… Who do you think got higher SAT scores, George Bush, who they call an idiot or Pinch, publisher of the New York Times? I say George Bush.”

In closing, Coulter told the crowd, “…[I]f the world hates you, remember it hated me first.” said Coulter.