Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Responds to Washington Times

Recently, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc. (MCDC), and our fiduciary accountability has been called into question in reports in the Washington Times newspaper. Its editors continue to misrepresent the facts and have purposely based their reports and editorials on information that is inaccurate.

They continue in their attempt to hold us to a different and improperly applied fiduciary standard than any other non-profit in the country. Jerry Seper and Wes Pruden seem not to understand the first, most basic matters of non-profit accounting and regulatory obligation. Further, Pruden absurdly describes Seper’s reporting as “careful, rigorous” when Seper has not spoken to at least two of his three “sources” on this matter in over a year, and he and his editors deliberately failed to disclose in their innuendos regarding “where our money is spent,” that tens of thousands of dollars was spent on full-page issues advocacy advertising in the Washington Times itself.

A year ago, people called us racists and vigilantes. We have overcome those falsehoods with an organizational performance of diligence, responsibility and excellent stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by our supporters and volunteers. Our careful spending and high standards in the field, combined with the generosity and faithfulness of our citizen patriot supporters, have allowed us to grow rapidly and effectively, consistent with our mission. This has been accomplished, in part, by aggressive advertising and outreach to people across the country, putting a spotlight on the state of lawlessness at our wide-open borders which our government continues to tolerate.

MCDC leadership from around the country has sent in statements of support and confidence, listing the financial subsidies, and scores of materials and equipment they have received for their border and state operations from MCDC national headquarters. Every authorized budget submitted from a state chapter has been covered in full, or exceeded. State leaders are very happy with the level of support our donors have afforded to us, and that we have afforded to them—although we could always do more with more funding. For all the support we are receiving, we are very grateful. We will continue in a responsible manner to fund and equip our border operations to help secure this nation’s borders in the face of the gross negligence and failure of our federal government to perform its primary duty.

The leadership of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and its officers continue to have full faith and confidence in American Caging, Inc., who acts as our comptroller, and in our other accountability and legal professionals and their adherence to federal regulation in their handling of our financial matters. ACI’s professional standards, and their statement of support for MCDC’s mission and organizational performance standard follow. We will continue to meet every federal and state regulatory and reporting deadline before us.