Barbara Boxer Strays Off Topic, Bashes Bush at Bolton Hearing

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.) used UN Ambassador John Bolton’s confirmation hearing Thursday as an opportunity to grandstand about her feelings on the current state of U.S. foreign policy.

“Our foreign policy is hollow, it just doesn’t pass the test,” she said.

Boxer, instead of questioning Bolton — the main objective of the Foreign Relations Committee hearing — decided to criticize the Bush Administration.

Boxer said she was “very troubled by so many things that are happening there.” While she openly admitted that this topic “goes beyond” Bolton and, in fact, “has nothing to do with [him],” she continued to proceed with her deliberate attack on the nation’s war against terror.

She said that the President and the Republican Party’s determination to confirm Bolton as the country’s permanent UN ambassador — even if for the sake of “continuity” during the Middle East crisis — was “reflective of a very weak and subservient Senate.”

Nor did she miss the chance to lash out at President Bush. “It’s not as if this is just someone we have relationships with, this is someone who appears before a joint session and asks us for more and more money to rebuild, etc.”

When Boxer was finally finished, she did eventually get around to asking Bolton two questions. She asked Bolton if he believed Darfur was genocide and if he could help her and Sen. Lisa Murkowski get in touch with Lisa Wright, assistant to the president for personnel, to see that Martin Luther King’s children become U.S. special emissaries to Darfur.