They Don't Support the Troops

The constant mantra of the radical left is that while they don’t support the war, they do support the troops. Other than making hollow and flippant claims of support, the anti-war left has done little for the troops or their families. To the contrary, their actions show how little respect they have for the military.

In a recent interview with CodePink’s Troops Home Fast cofounder Diane Wilson, she dismisses the troops by comparing their real sacrifices and efforts to CodePink’s faux fast, which includes liquids like juices and protein-enhanced smoothies. Wilson says she’s “putting [herself] at risk” and even claims a veteran told her he has “been in combat, seen people blown up, but that the idea of not eating terrifies him.” Apparently, Wilson has some liquid courage.

Much like her fasting ally, Cindy Sheehan (who refers to the insurgents as “freedom fighters”), Wilson’s comments about the troops show how little respect she has for them. Neither of the women have many positive words for the “children we’re sending to war” that supposedly motivated the fast. Wilson says, “[I]n boot camp, I saw how they took these young boys — some only 17 years old — and turned them into killers. They indoctrinated them to hate other people, dark-skinned people, and to kill, kill, kill.”

A recent tragedy in Washington state brought out the worst from the radical left. Sgt. Leonid Milkin, a solder currently serving in Iraq, lost his wife, sister-in-law and two children when a maniac came into their house, stabbed his family members multiple times and then set the house on fire. The solder has since been granted emergency leave from Iraq and a suspect has been arrested. In a news story on AOL, readers left comments about the tragedy. While most were words of sympathy and support, many people (and I use that term loosely) used the comments section as a forum for their anti-Bush, anti-military rants. Obviously, their rage surpasses any attempt at correct grammar and spelling. Here are just a few of those comments:

Maybe he signed up for the wrong profession because who in their right mind would want to be a army man? He should have studied harder in school and found a real job instead of joining the army. Lmao , be all u can be? Don’t patronize me ! People who join the army either have no education or come from small towns.. He should blame himself for his family dying due to his lack of education.

Too bad the paid assasin wasn’t home also… Got what he deserved for serving an illegal government in an illegal war.

MOre Deaths indirectly caused by Geroge W. BUSH!!!! If he didnt lie to start a war…..and the husband was at home, the people would all be alive. The was is for Halleburton, Exxon MObile, and all the other members of the Industrial military complex, who ar to benefit by this war. THANKS BUSH, hope you can sleep nights… But people without a conscious dont have trouble sleeping…I guess.

I hope this [man arrested for the murders and arson] and American solder boil in the same pot. A murderer is a murderer, regardless of the uniform.

On July 26 AOL posted a message that this particular message board is now a “Member-Managed area,” leaving it up to other AOL members to report whether comments violate their Community Standards. This certainly makes it more convenient for AOL if anyone were to publicly criticize them for not monitoring their message boards.

By contrast, most conservatives support the War on Terrorism, as well as the troops, in word and deed. Some recent examples of conservatives and organizations showing their support include:

  • The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund has given away more than $600,000 in educational scholarships to children with a parent that has been killed or permanently disabled while serving in the U.S. military or classified as a POW or MIA. During its annual Freedom Concert, conservatives like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Ollie North, David Limbaugh and Mark Levin lend their support to raise money for the scholarship fund. Additionally, the concert receives support from several businesses and thousands of concert attendees that should also be lauded for their support.     
  • Shemane Nugent, wife of rocker Ted Nugent, has established Freedom’s Angels, which enhances the lives of America’s military and their families. One of their recent projects includes building a covered patio for burn victims at the Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX.
  • The Helping Our Heroes Foundation directly helps injured military and their families. In the past year they have held job fairs for injured soldiers to find employment after their discharge, given more than 200 round-trip airline tickets to soldiers and their family members, provided school supplies for children with parents at Walter Reed and honored the more than 1,000 nurses at Walter Reed.
  • HUMAN EVENTS columnist Michelle Malkin has called attention to the memorial fund for Sgt. Milkin’s family and similar efforts for other service members. She has also been instrumental in exposing the left’s hateful behavior against the military and America.
  • Team River Runners, in partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled Sports USA, is a volunteer organization that helps military members recuperating at Walter Reed “find health, healing, and new challenges through whitewater boating on the Potomac River.”

While it’s important to highlight the hypocrisy on the left and their phony support of the troops, it’s even more crucial that we support the organizations and businesses that are showing real support to the troops and their families. I encourage you to take a moment and learn more about the organizations listed above (as well as the many others) and show your support for our brave military at home and abroad.