No Ceasefire Until the Job Is Done

I and so many other Americans deeply admire the President for not standing in the way of Israel’s fight against the terrorist platoons of Hezbollah and Hamas. Other world leaders simply talk of fighting terror but back down when actually having to fight it.

By backing the Israeli effort, Mr. Bush is showing the world that terrorism is something that must be in reality defeated, not simply bemoaned.

Anything short of total victory over Hezbollah and Hamas would be a defeat for Western civilization. Terrorists all over would be emboldened if Hamas and Hezbollah were allowed to remain intact, with infrastructure, even if cut down to half their size. They would obtain “bragging rights” — boasting how Israel and America could not defeat them.

A cease-fire before the job is completed would give terrorists what they want: official staying power, and the realization that they will always be bailed out by a frightened and timid West lacking the will and conviction to defeat it absolutely. Without any devastating downside, what will stop the jihadist terrorists? They will simply regroup and bomb Israel again, except even worse, with more Iranian-supplied fire power.

Decades of only half measures have engendered in the terrorists an arrogance and over-confidence in their ability to defeat the West. Our self-chosen weakness has provided them a sense of inevitability, a feeling of invincibility.

Israel should be allowed not simply to retaliate but win its war. But such a victory will take more than two weeks. If we allow the terrorists to indict us by highlighting the civilian deaths, then we in the West might as well give them the keys to the global kingdom, since jihadist terrorists precisely position themselves among civilians as their weapon to always soften us.

Jihadists will take country after country. How? Because of our unwillingness to fight them if we have to shoot among their population and suburbs: the bourgeois West’s achillees heel. Our gullibility is their most lethal weapon.

A “proportionate response” is whatever it takes to forever stop and eradicate the source which is firing the missiles into Israel, i.e., Hezbollah and Hamas, so that it will not happen again. One removes cancer 100%, not 30%. Yes, there are human side effects, but all the cancerous cells, and terrorist cells, must be excised.

Sadly, the president of Lebanon seems more afraid of Hezbollah and Syria than he is of the United States or Israel. Perhaps it’s because he knows we, and Israel, have not exhibited the absoluteness that Syria, Iran and the terrorists have shown.

President Bush’s support for Israel is a true display of courageous, out-of-the-box leadership, and his clarity as to who is right and who is wrong is much needed in a world beset by moral relativism and diplomatic expediency. Who knows, the Israeli action and the President’s understanding of it may be a psychological turning point.

So many times, hasty diplomacy has stopped chances for military victory. I hope that will not happen here. In this situation, the enemy will never be deterred by diplomacy — they will simply use it for their advantage. In fact, they see it as weakness. Only a resounding, beyond-a-doubt victory will stop them. Then America, Israel and the world will be safe.

I know that the leftist Spanish prime minister openly wore an Arab/Moslem kaffia to show solidarity with the jihadists and other Moslems. His wish will come true. In less than fifty years, Islam will rule over Spain — all Spanish prime ministers will be wearing kaffias, or turbans, under duress.

I know how France, Europe and the BBC condemn Israel. That’s OK. They do so because as cowards, they are jealous of Israel’s bravery. They have chosen appeasement while Israel has chosen to fight. They can’t admit their cowardice, so they wrap their condemnation of Israel in high-sounding concern for human rights and lives — though never Jewish life or rights.

I thank President George Bush, since we all know that if the Islamic terrorist groups are not defeated, they will implement their wish of destroying Israel and bring a Holocaust on its six million Jewish inhabitants.

George Bush is walking tall. It’s good to finally see a male who acts like a man, a man who stands above the timid know-it-alls. High noon came and Bush didn’t run or ask the United Nations to act for him.