Any Ceasefire Must Stand Test of Time

At a White House briefing held yesterday afternoon, most questions posed to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow concerned the Lebanon-Israel crisis, due to continued attacks by Hezbollah forces.

“I’m not going to take out the crystal ball, I’m telling you what our position is,” said Snow. “The U.S. believes in sustainable cease fire.”

He explained that without a sufficient suspension of hostilities, Hezbollah would be able to “proclaim victory,” which would encourage further terrorist transgression. A “sustainable cease-fire [would] allow the people of Lebanon to look forward to peace and prosperity.”

“We would like [to have] a cease-fire tomorrow… but it has to be a cease-fire that is going to stand the test of time,” said Snow. “The people of Baghdad [and] the people of Iraq deserve better than to live under these conditions.”

“The President believes in making sure the commitment to democracy and the promise of democracy comes true in Iraq.”

Snow also said that the U.S. plans to provide humanitarian assistance to Lebanon starting today. He reminded members of the press that the U.S. would be the first nation to bring relief efforts to this devastated part of the Middle East. We are giving as much help as possible and continue to urge allies to do the same, he said.

“Hezbollah started this,” said the press secretary. “You have got to keep in mind that the aggressor in this case is not Israel.”

“Lebanon is a country that has been hard-hit by occupying forces and by the frustration of its democratic aspirations,” said Snow. “[The country] deserves a shot at the freedom and democracy its people deserve.”

Only when the internal threat to the peace of their nation is controlled, will there be “diplomatic, democratic, economic and political stability” in the terror stricken countries of Lebanon and Israel.

Press Secretary Tony Snow and HUMAN EVENTS intern Laura Evans at her first White House press briefing yesterday.