Liberals Blame Bush for Mideast Conflict

Terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah are wreaking havoc in the Middle East, and all liberals can do is point to President Bush and/or the United States of America. Such were the sentiments expressed by an unidentified woman as my mother waited in line at the coffee shop Monday morning.

Upon returning to the car where I was waiting, my mother said, “You wouldn’t believe what a woman said when I was getting my coffee. She said this whole Middle East crisis is Bush’s fault. They blame him or America for every problem on the planet!” To which I replied, “Really, now, Mom, you haven’t been reading my columns have you?” She definitely has been reading my stuff, but did not want to believe liberals were as mentally deficient as she found them to be Monday morning. Seeing as liberals would drive most people to drink if it weren’t for talk radio or the Wall Street Journal, I wouldn’t want to believe it either.

Lebanon terrorist group Hezbollah kidnapped, without provocation, two Israeli soldiers last Tuesday, holding them hostage for a ransom of all terrorists held in detention by Israel. And then it was off to the races. Muslim extremists incited violence fueled by hatred and anti-Semitism, which led to the rapid deterioration of stability in the region. Liberals, unable to support Israel against Islamofascism inasmuch as doing so would require their admittance that Saddam was a threat, immediately began pointing fingers at Bush for failing to….?

Ironically, the war of Islamofascism against the Jews is not new. Anyone with half a brain would know that the conflict has been raging since before Jesus Christ (quick, I need a defense attorney), according to the Old Testament. Oh, wait-liberals have an excuse. The Bible is to liberalism as water is to the Wicked Witch of the West. For a liberal to pick up a Bible would be like Princeton ethics professor Peter Singer admitting that children born with disabilities are in fact people.

While innocent civilians are being slaughtered with Iranian-financed weapons, the biggest story in the news Monday was that President Bush used the word “shit.” If only we had had wires in the Clinton’s bedroom after Bill admitted to having sex with an intern. Welcome to the world, people. “Shit” happens.

In response to the “Middle East Crisis” called WWIII, liberals like the Hannity caller from San Diego are demanding that G-8 leaders negotiate some kind of treaty with Hezbollah and Hamas. My question is, “Who do we negotiate with again? I didn’t quite catch that.” If negotiation was an option, Israel would not have withdrawn unilaterally from Gaza last year. Of course, this knee-jerk reaction typical of liberals was invented by Neville Chamberlain when he sacrificed Eastern Europe to Hitler in return for promises that Hitler would cease all military operations. Looking back, Chamberlain should’ve thrown in a nuclear reactor or two so Hitler could “generate power for civilian purposes.”

Still, liberals are acting as if we somehow provoked Muslim extremists by not being open to mandatory honor killings when Janey marries for love instead of a dowry. Muslim extremists do not fight to negotiate, because the will of Allah is to kill all the people that are not Islamofascists. This war will not end with the signing of a treaty engineered by Jimmy Carter. Islamofascists are in this to kill those who do not comply with their vision of a world controlled by Islam. Thus, the war on terror will not end until they kill us, or we kill them. It’s black and white, and it’s that simple.

Meanwhile, liberals are downplaying the conflict as a “crisis” in order to seem impartial and achieve world peace. This is code for “we must not, under any circumstances, kill Muslim extremists.” If the liberals who lead the DNC came out and threw their real agenda on the table — i.e. support for aborting special needs children, coupled with support for “negotiations with Hezbollah” — the American people would form beelines to Washington to lynch them.

Their immediate “what have we done?” response to terrorism perpetrated by Muslim extremists shows that the Democratic Party is Islamofascism’s best western ally, as is evidenced by their sabotage of closet Republican Sen. Joe Lieberman’s campaign against a primary challenger. Lieberman is a Jew, and naturally supports Israel, and thus the Iraq war. As a religious man, his worst sin against the Democratic Party was his support for the confirmation of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court. Thus Hillary’s backstabbing of a life-long party man. It is not all that surprising, however. The Democrats are not even loyal to America, and wouldn’t know loyalty if you drew them a picture. Still, a confused Lieberman keeps going back for more “love.” Come home to the Grand Old Party, Joe.

Even in the midst of a World War, liberals cannot be counted upon for loyalty. Instead, they call into AM radio shows and demand that we negotiate with terrorists and give Iran nuclear capabilities, while reducing defense spending. Yet, they also demand the American electorate put their deranged party back in control. The thought of America at the mercy of liberals during WWIII should frighten any intelligent person. Any supporter of democracy, any supporter of free religious expression, any opponent of appeasing terrorists and any supporter of killing Islamofascists who want to kill innocent “infidels” that still is a member of the Democratic Party is severely delusional. It’s black and white, and it’s that simple.