It's Not Moral to Sacrifice Our Soldiers to Spare the Enemy's 'Innocents'

The left in this country is employing every inane argument to force our government to make our soldiers lay down their arms and stop us in this war from interrogating captured jihadists fixed and Allah-bent on killing us. Unfortunately, and as a sign of our moral confusion, we often capitulate to their assertions.

No one with a sense of history should buy the left’s new-found concern for soldiers — “bring our boys home” — given not only the left’s relentless push to criminalize our soldiers with war crimes while yet on the battlefield but also its historic reluctance to pass military spending bills.

It is also well known that among liberal families service in the military is never a preferred option nor one highly esteemed — for many, it would be a source of embarrassment to the friends now lounging on those Hampton beaches. Reports from soldiers in the field reveal that care packages coming stateside are being sent almost entirely from those professing conservative political and religious views, not from “concerned” liberals.

The inability of our side to counter the left’s phony “moral” arguments has always been our weakness. We have allowed them to co-opt language and define important terms such as compassion, morality, peace, victim, and “our values.” In times of war — as we are now in — such lack of moral clarity results in the diminishment of our will to defend ourselves and do what is morally necessary to preserve our civilization.

We seem to accept every new daily definition by the left of what constitutes forbidden torture. The latest is that interrogating terrorists with sleep deprivation and loud music is torture. Better hundreds of Americans be killed than using sleep deprivation to extract from terrorists the how, when and where. Heck, how many Americans suffer from 24/7 sleep deprivation from a new infant’s crying, or, as I do, from my Mexican neighbor’s loud music from Friday at 8 p.m. to Sunday at 11 p.m., which liberals call not torture but multiculturalism.

Recently, when it was reported that one of our GIs was tortured by jihadists in Iraq, I somehow knew that his torture was neither that of having to listen to loud music nor sleep deprivation. It was real torture, the form de rigueur of Moslem jihadists: castration, eye gouging, sodomy, and slow burning of American body parts.

Regarding us, the left has raised the conduct bar so high that our defense is becoming almost impossible. Regarding the enemy, the left has virtually no conduct bar — everything is OK since the left feels Islamists are justifiably using everything at their disposal to ward off the “immoral and invading” Americans.

For the left, torture is only painful when done to the terrorists, not when done on boys hailing from Main and Elm Street.

My reading of the Bible verifies that one is even allowed to kill, let alone “torture,” to save oneself, thousands of countrymen, and one’s country.

In a realistic and common-sense approach to life, the Bible allows in war practices that are not allowed in peace time. Measures are allowed when fending off those determined to smite you that are not allowed against a next door neighbor. For example, killing, vengeance, and collateral damage.

Moreover, as enumerated in the Bible, prioritization for the well being of those entrusted to you takes precedence over those you are fighting. Mr. President: as commander in chief it is not moral to sacrifice the lives of the soldiers under your jurisdiction so as to spare the so-called innocents of the enemy or their mosques. Finish off the Sunni Triangle. Your obligation is to your soldiers, our soldiers, first.

The Israelis established a terrible precedent when they had their soldiers go terrorist-house-to-terrorist-house years ago in Jenin, as opposed to bombing from above, so as to spare “innocent” Palestinian Arabs praying for and abetting the death of Israelis. The upshot: 23 young Israeli soldiers were killed who should not have been forced to die.

The Israelis were not acting “more morally” but out of fear of what European and American Leftists would say. Well, the boys are dead and the Left is still criticizing. Hopefully, in this round’s war against Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, the Israelis will ignore the “moral” protestations of the left and think of their soldiers first.

By now, the Americans and Israelis should have learned that the left puts forward these guilt inducing arguments not because they’re more moral than we, but because they hope we will do the suicidal thing. The left is exploiting our sense of decency to engender our defeat.