Ahmadinejad Leading Jihad Against West

As the crisis in the Middle East continues to escalate, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned: “If the Zionist regime commits another stupid move and attacks Syria, this will be considered like attacking the whole Islamic world and this regime will receive a very fierce response.”

By the “whole Islamic world,” Ahmadinejad almost certainly means to refer not only to the 57 countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, but also to the large and restive Muslim populations of the dhimmi nations of Europe (which has been set against Israel for years as it is).

Why did Hizballah, a client of the Iranian mullahs, step up its offensive against Israel recently, leading to Israel’s current strong response? Ahmadinejad may see this as his big chance to unite the Islamic world behind Iran, positioning the Shi’ite mullahocracy as the best candidate to lead the jihad against the Great Satan. Did he set Hizballah loose on Israel with particular virulence in recent weeks in order to provoke Israeli attacks against civilian targets — which jihadists have for years tried to provoke from Israel by launching attacks from areas heavily populated by civilians? Perhaps he was hoping to unleash the full force of the world’s dhimmi leftist media against Israel, and to shame Europe, if not America, into refusing to lift a finger in Israel’s defense — and/or to provoke Europe’s Muslims into full-bore jihad against the dhimmi non-Muslim Europeans.

I am not saying that Israel should not retaliate strongly. Just the opposite. I am saying that President Bush and others should not be fooled into playing into the hands of the Thug-In-Chief by portraying Israel as indiscriminately killing civilians in its response to Hizballah acts of war. Bush, Blair and the rest should stand up at the upcoming G8 Summit and say forthrightly that they stand with Israel against the global jihad that targets their countries as well as Israel, and that they recognize that Israel is not targeting civilians but is doing what it must do in order to destroy the jihadists’ ability to continue to wage war against them.

But they won’t. Bush has already told the Prime Minister of Lebanon that he will ask the Israelis to limit civilian casualties — once again ignoring the fact that Hizballah and Hamas both have no bases of operations as such, but launch their attacks from residential areas, mosques, and homes, hoping to provoke a response that will be useful for their propaganda.

In any case, one thing that this entire situation has made clear is that Iran is pulling the strings. The Israelis have accused Tehran of involvement in the Hizballah attack on an Israeli warship, and certainly the sophisticated weaponry that Hizballah has deployed to the surprise of the world over the last week indicates the hidden hand of Iran. What’s more, he called on the Islamic world to mobilize against Israel just last week at a conference in Tehran: “The basic problem in the Islamic world is the existence of the Zionist regime, and the Islamic world and the region must mobilise to remove this problem. … Today there is a strong will … to remove the Zionist regime and implement a legal Palestinian regime all over Palestine.”

That the current crisis began so soon after this speech is noteworthy. Iran’s increasingly visible influence in the Islamic world, its financial support for both the Shi’ite Hizballah and the Sunni Hamas, its bellicosity toward Israel and its nuclear ambitions (which, not coincidentally, have been shunted from the headlines by Israel’s actions in Lebanon and Gaza), and its vocal support for the global jihad against the West all refute yet again the still common assertion that jihad violence around the world is solely the fault of the Saudi Wahhabis. The Wahhabis certainly bear a great deal of guilt for their global propagation of the jihad ideology; however, Shi’ite Iran may now definitively emerge as just what Ahmadinejad has long been angling to become: the leader of the jihad against the West.

Perhaps we are witnessing is something like an attempt to resurrect the Shi’ite Fatimid caliphate.