Israeli Ambassador Calls Iran Mastermind Behind Latest Violence

Israel’s ambassador to the United States said Thursday that all eyes should be focused on Iran, a country he believes is trying to gain complete control of the Middle East in hopes of making radical Islam a permanent part of the region.

Ambassador Daniel Ayalon spoke to journalists as part of the Israel Project on Thursday. At one point, Ayalon was given news that two Hezbollah missiles were fired at the city of Haifa

Israel is officially in a “full-fledged” — although not self-induced — state of war, Ayalon said. “The Middle East is now in a very critical juncture,” he continued.

Ayalon pointed to Iran as the prime culprit. He said Iran is trying to “divert attention from [its] nuclear ambitions and programs,” which, he believes, the country is zealously advancing every day.

Syria, meanwhile, also is playing a role in the latest round of violence. Ayalon blamed the “premeditated attacks” on terrorist regimes in Tehran and Damascus. He said countries such as Iran, Syria and Lebanon that allow terrorist thugs to exist are “playing with fire.”

“It is not coincidental that Hamas … and Hezbollah continue [to act] in a coordinated fashion,” said Ayalon.

Tehran and Damascus are the real “masterminds” of these attacks, he said, because they see “the Middle East [as] a big chessboard and they are just trying to advance there positions and move forward.”

Ayalon said that the international community needed to recognize these threats and the potential fall-out they could create. “The future of the region and beyond” is at stake, he said.