Liberal Bias Invades High School, Too

It’s a sad fact: Faith in the public school system has all but vanished. One of the most talked about problems with colleges is the blatant liberal bias on campus. Whole books and television programs have been dedicated to this issue. Can the same be said of our high schools? Do conservative kids really have to worry? Let’s take a walk down the halls of high school.

In U.S. history class students are taught the basics of United States background. Such things include the Civil War, the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, and oh yeah … Ronald Reagan is evil.

“Why?” asks one of the braver classmates.

My teacher’s response? “Wel l… um … huh … Iran Contra.”

Iran Contra? This singular reason is enough to describe Reagan with words like Satanic. But what about it? Does that one mark really outweigh every other thing he did in office?

Besides, just how many rape allegations does the Gipper has under that dark, cruel belt of his?


Curses on those moral, strong, Christian men. Satanic, evil, and stupid … the lot of them! At least, that’s what they are teaching in summer school. At least they had the guts to say the Ku Klux Klan did bad things. You’d think that thought might offend some people.

Of course, such close-minded ideas are hardly limited to history. Health classes are by now infamously biased. This is where guest speakers tell kids that pre-marital sex is fun but not really dangerous, to use the light of cell phones to check sexual partners for an diseases, and of course when lacking proper birth control, try plastic wrap. I, for one, will never look at leftovers the same way again.

Students are shown videos instructing how to put on condoms because, contrary to popular belief, the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and no one has the self-control to practice abstaining.

Of course, one should always give credit where credit is due. There was that one question about abstinence on the practice test administered on the first day of class. So, don’t think it was completely ignored. The topic was mentioned right off the bat … briefly mentioned to allow ample time to the more “reasonable” choices.

What’s sad is, a lot of these kids are constantly asking for an explanation of the differences between a conservative and liberal. It’s bad enough that these kids have the intelligence of a Chihuahua, but when teens do search for answers they are presented with the ACLU version of the world. Suddenly, kids are advertising “An Inconvenient Truth” on their MySpace webpages.

There are some solutions to this problem of course.

• Begin purchasing books exclusively from Regnery Publishing (sister company to Human Events). This would help to counter the unwarranted liberal rage flowing from out instructors’ mouths.

• Listen to Ann Coulter, acknowledge liberalism as a religion, and demand that their church be separated from our state.

After all, it’s only fair.

In all seriousness, there seems to be little hope. As long as people have opinions they will share them with others. The “captive audience” of the classroom can do little to fight back. I happen to like my grade-point average just the way it is.

There is hardly anything parents can do to weed out the bad teachers. Teachers really do have a virtual job for life. Short of molestation or murder, there are few offences that an educator can force upon a student that would result in termination.

I’ll admit it. I never really bought into this liberal bias that conservatives were always so quick to talk about. I had been going to school for nine long years. No one ever shoved their opinions down students’ throats.

Enter high school. A world that is such a strange place. It is a world where history textbooks come to a close with American heroes like Michael Moore without a second thought and conservative teachers wait until after elections to show support for Republican candidates because of certain repercussion.

And this is only the beginning. Soon comes college.