Again, American Muslims Are MIA

It seems like only yesterday when Americans were hearing how the obvious coexistence of terrorism and Islam is only the chosen coexistence of a very few. After all, one gazes about the world and sees the billion or so Muslims in it, and realize that not all of them are trying to slaughter the “unbelievers.”

Well, I, as a non-Muslim — who, by the way, is trying to be killed by Muslims who hate me for not being a Muslim — have a few words I want to share with my American Muslim “brethren.”

It is your silence that will condemn you to the deepest and darkest hells imaginable. Further, I condemn you, along with the actual terrorists that seek to kill me and my countrymen. Your silence is your weapon against America, and it is your doom regarding your soul.

In Miami last week, seven men were indicted for conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, namely al Qaeda; conspiracy to provide material support and resources to terrorists; conspiracy to maliciously damage and destroy buildings by means of an explosive device; and conspiracy to levy war against the government of the United States.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country’s legitimate Muslim population of about 3 million to 4million people is indicted by the rest of America for conspiracy to act as if nothing is wrong with their religion or their unconscionable and dangerous silence regarding what is carried out in the name of said religion.

Yes, my Muslim friends. Some will call this commentary a rant. The liberal sympathizers among the mainstream media and the Democratic Party certainly will. But hey, if you can stay silent while your fellow followers of Allah conspire to knock down the Sears Tower in Chicago, then I can gustily open my mouth and castigate you for that silence.

But when it comes to killing, Muslims are anything but silent. Indeed, the typical Muslim-Islamofascist seemingly takes on the countenance of a circus ringmaster — at once filled with grandiose promises of deadly acts, coupled with the overall zeal and unshakable belief of the performance itself.

So, it is of no surprise to hear that the “Miami Seven” as I shall call them, sincerely hoped to wage a “full ground war against the United States.”

As Americans, you should know that your Muslim brothers here and abroad go to bed at night dreaming of ways to “kill all the devils we can.” For the unsure or confused reader, please read the word “devil” as “you.”

Of course, no movement, for that is what Islam behaves as when it seeks to shackle others within the confines of its belief and dogma, would be complete without a mission statement: The Miami Seven kept it simple; They wished to inflict a bloodbath upon America “just as good or greater than 9/11.”

Now, you may call these people civilized, but I choose not to. And there is not a single thing anyone can do about that. Nor can such organizations as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) do anything. Already, CAIR seeks to distance the Miami terrorist plot from Muslim and Islamic circles in general, by calling on the media not to refer to the seven Muslim terrorist arrested as “Muslims.”

For those who care, take a few moments and find out what CAIR is really all about. The website “Anti-CAIR” has more documented information regarding this organization than one cannot safely ignore.

As for overall Islamic relations in this country, well, that can be summed up in several words: They are non-existent.

That is no fault of America, or its constitutional law. Nor its president, who has spoken of Islam as a “peaceful religion” more times than actual Muslims have. In fact, President Bush has said this so often that Americans have wearied of hearing it, and consequently no longer believes it, especially when these “peaceful” followers of Islam are trying to kill people in America, and all over the world.

Muslims come to America and live a life that, until then, they had only dreamed of. Muslims open businesses that cater to other Muslims, religious schools only for Muslims, form Muslim-dominated neighborhoods, and checker the landscape with Muslim churches, or Madrasa’s.

Maybe, it really is time to rethink just who comes to America, and what it is they do when they are here. Though the critics and enablers will write to me of people like Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, both domestic terrorists of wide repute, spare me of the “it’s not just Muslims” summations.

Americans are tired of these “needle in the haystack” examples. We know the difference between an aberrant anomaly, and a way of life chosen by tens of thousands of Muslims around the world.

All one needs to do is look at the celebrations after 9/11 that occurred in nearly all Islamic countries to know that this call to kill “unbelievers” or “Christians,” or as the Miami Seven put it so succinctly, “Devils,” is real.

America is here for the oppressed of the world to come to. We are the “shining city upon the hill” as Ronald Reagan has said. And if America had to have walls, those walls would always have a door. America is the premiere beacon for the rest of the world.

But some may not be ready for America, and America is certainly not ready for them. The freedoms that separate this land from any other are a blessing for those who adhere to the spirit of those God-given freedoms, and those who would conspire to use those freedoms against us.

It is time for an “American Fealty Act of 2006” to wind its way through Congress, and the land. For those who cannot recite a simple oath of love and honor to the country they live in, a plane ticket awaits to bring you and yours back from whence you came.

Naturally, I am eager to see my Muslim friends embrace this concept, and be the first on line to show everyone just how this is done. But then again, I doubt my Muslim friends would rise to the occasion. Their past and present actions show me no other decision is possible.

Now boarding for Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern destinations…