Quinnipiac Quotient

A couple of recent Quinnipiac University polls have mixed results for the Empire State’s junior senator. One shows that New Yorkers would rather have Rudy Giuliani run for president, with 61% believing the former New York City Mayor would be a “great” or “good” commander-in-chief, and just 49% thinking the same about poor Hillary. This particular poll also shows Rudy as having a significant edge over Hill among Independents.  
Meanwhile, another Quinnipiac poll shows Sen. Clinton with a substantial lead over GOP candidates John Spencer and Kathleen McFarland, although this is hardly breaking news. This poll has Hillary beating Spencer, 57 percent to 33 percent, and McFarland, 58 percent to 31 percent. Even though Spencer has a smaller gap in a hypothetical matchup against Mrs. Clinton (24% to 27%), the poll has Republicans as wanting McFarland as their candidate, by a similar three-point margin, but with 43% undecided.