Not Page Turners

New Republic has an interesting piece in their latest issue about the decline of the Hillary Phenomenon, literary-speaking. There have been roughly a dozen books on Hillary over just the last three years, but sales have been less than impressive, as compared to the halcyon days on the mid-90s, where eight anti-Clinton books reached The New York Times best-seller list.  
While the relative lack of interest may be attributed to more conservative publishers saturating the market, the New Republic says it’s a result of Hillary Fatigue, where her “bland senatorial personality and courting of conservatives like Rupert Murdoch have neutralized the liberal dragon-lady image.”  
The fact that she has been in the public eye for fifteen years probably doesn’t help either, as the targeted audience for any Hillary screeds already knows pretty much everything about her.  It seems like one of the only ways to gin up interest in a book about Mrs. Clinton nowadays is to come up with some new and juicy details, and those are few and far between.  Edward Klein’s “The Truth About Hillary” did just that, when he found an old college friend who “was rumored to be Hillary’s lesbian lover,” and his book has sold 100,000 copies.