Kitchen Talks

One of Hillary’s potential Republican opponents, Kathleen "K.T." McFarland, is conducting a statewide "kitchen talk" tour, much like then-First Lady Clinton’s famous "listening tour" back in 1999-00.  

In a statement announcing the tour, McFarland said that "In my family, the kitchen is where we paid the bills and balanced the checkbook. It’s where we talked when there was a problem.  It’s where we were most open with one another. I think that’s true in most families."

The first "kitchen talk" was held last week in Tonawanda, and another happened on Saturday in Staten Island. About a dozen women attended, along with a few husbands. What a great Father’s Day present.  

Meanwhile, party favorite John Spencer advised K.T. that "She should ‘listen’ to all the Republicans, including many (county) chairs who no longer support her, who are asking her to drop out and stop helping Hillary Clinton, because that is all she is doing."