She'd Rather Be Feared Than Loved

A new Fox poll reveals that a significant percentage of the American people are frightened by Hillary. No word whether Bill was polled on this particular question.  

The survey can be found here, and the relevant question is #52.

Over a third (36%) of those polled claim that Hillary gives them the heebie-jeebies, although it doesn’t give the specific reasons for their bone-chilling fear. It might be because she’s always angry, or she talks with dead people, or the way the eyes on her official White House portrait follow you, or her spooky, ever-present black pantsuit.

Naturally, 58% of Republicans are scared silly of Hillary, but a surprisingly large number of Democrats (22%) and Independents (25%) have nightmares about her as well. Their fear is likely based on her support of the war in Iraq, or her constant claim that there should be fewer abortions, or her cosponsoring of a bill (not a constitutional amendment) to ban flag burning.

Her former Senate opponent and possible future presidential foe Rudy Giuliani came in second place with 17%, while Al Gore and John McCain followed up with 15% and 11%, respectively.